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The book is here!
Quantum Prayer: It's Already Answered! Quantum Reality: It Already Exists!
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My New Book is available locally in Kansas City @:

Unity Church of Overland Park
corner of 103rd & Antioch

Unity Village Books & Gifts
1901 NW Blue Pkwy
Unity Village, MO. 64065

Unity Of Lawrence
900 Madeline Ln.
Lawrence, KS. 66049

and in midtown at

Aquarius Books & Gifts
3936 Broadway
Kansas City, MO 64109

Unity Temple on the Plaza
707 W. 47th St.
KC, MO 64112


Welcome to my home page. I'm Cathy Combs. I think it's fair to say I am a seeker. I am passionately committed to making this world a better place. I am passionately committed to bringing peace where there is none; bringing hope where there is none. I am passionately committed to "doing my own work" so that I don't continue to live in the woundedness of the past.

The cornerstone of my life is integrity. By integrity I mean a profound connection with the interiority of Spirit. Earth-Based spirituality is the center of my life. I find it so very interesting that this spirituality so greatly parallels my professional training of so many years ago. Both of these mediums speak to me of wholeness, of the vital necessity of cherishing my mind and body as an integrated whole. Both of these mediums speak to me of the innate goodness of life.

Through my writing and classes and seminars I hope to offer a forum where peace, healing, hope and joy are made manifest. Welcome to you!!!