Edge Life by Cathy Combs

21st Century Perspective

Half full or half empty? Which is it? When things don’t go “my way” do I feel that something valuable has been taken away or has the path been cleared for success to unfold? What a difference perspective makes. I choose to believe the path is clear. From the quantum physics perspective I see the Universe as a beneficent process guided by an intrinsic intelligent order. Every atom and particle of life is animated by this intelligent order. As an artist and scientist this view passionately speaks to me of the vitalizing interconnectedness of spirituality and science. This view speaks to me of the inherent reverence for, and sacredness of, all of life.

It is a given that I often do not understand the unfolding of this life process. I sometimes get lost in thinking I have to “push the river”. I forget that it “flows by itself.” Years ago one of my favorite people, Gestalt therapist Barry Stevens, wrote a book titled, “Don’t Push The River, It Flows By Itself.” I love this perspective. It embodies my professional training and the very spirit of my life. Don’t push the river so reverently reminds me that we all are inherently, inseparably imbued with the Life Force that many call God.

I find it fascinating to consider that fear and wisdom are linked in our human experience. I believe it is imperative to keep fear in its proper perspective as our biological alertness survival wiring. Our cognitive functioning is meant to be our checks and balance system. It should be common sense that not everything that invokes fear is an adversary!

One of my most surprising and powerful musings of this year is when I pondered whether our definition of God is biologically based. The first time I heard that I kneejerkedly said, “That’s ridiculous!” I’ve come full circle to realize, “Of course!” We’re biological beings. It fascinates me that we are ambivalently wired toward both fear and curiosity! Unchecked fear leads us to believe that we’re all disconnected. Strange is a threat. Curiosity leads us to consider: Different? How fascinating! The two perspectives can seem worlds apart! The consequences are evident throughout our beloved world.

My commitment is to education and inspiration. I am passionately devoted to the view that: we are all intricately interconnected; we are inherently good; we live in a benevolent Universe imbued with an inherent love, wisdom and order as the guiding principles of all of life. By our misguided human fears and misuse of free will we send this inherent order spinning out of balance and the consequences are drastic. There’s no need for that!

I am passionately devoted to joining the great hearts and minds of people like Riane Eisler, Matthew Fox, John Shelby Spong who mirror my own devotion to making this world a place of peace and togetherness. The Cultural Creative movement is one outpicturing of this powerfully changing worldview. There are so many millions working toward this very needed change. We’re moving toward that 5% mark where it is said that if 5% of a congregation unites in a common purpose the change will happen. I feel we are a congregation of the world! I feel we’re moving toward a common purpose. That is so encouraging. It speaks to me of the magnanimity and immediacy of God’s Love at work in our lives. It speaks to me of how powerful we are! We are all God’s love in action. When we are conscious of our oneness with this dynamic presence of many names there is nothing that is not possible!

I wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of this principle of divine Love in action. This Love is much more than emotional sentimentality. This Love is the Universal Life Principle, the Animating Principle of all life. This God of many names is visible in all creation. Even though this year has been a year of many changes and challenges I hold to my personal truth, my positive affirmation of my own life principle, that all things are working together for my good and I am working with them in the Love, Wisdom, and Power of Spirit. This faith-filled “half full” perspective keeps me moving forward in my spiritual unfoldment.

Recently I realized I need to be more physically flexible to make room for the spiritual flexibility I am building in my consciousness. I jumped on my minitramp for a while. I did some stretching exercises. I threw a small exercise ball in the air. I even laid down on the floor and laid my singing bowl on each chakra and then banged the gong to send energy vibrations through my chakras to open them. It was fun. It was even fun conceiving the idea. I had never even thought of doing that before. Then I drank lots of water as a cleansing ritual to move the toxins out that had undoubtedly been loosened up. I had noticed how stiff I was feeling. I knew I had to make some changes to make room for the flow of good to come into all areas of my life. I want to take care of my body temple as well as I can. It’s important. Our bodies are the sacred temple of the living God. Taking care of our bodies helps us stay anchored and present to this precious Earth. I want to stay connected to all the elements of Earth I am. I am reminded of a beautiful Goddess chant I know: “Air I am. Fire I am. Water, Earth and Spirit I am.” We are all of these elements. This attitude of sacredness and reverence toward our body is an aspect of the 21st century perspective that I particularly cherish. That is one reason I so treasure the Cultural Creative movement, the perspective we have been exploring this year.

An attitude of reverence, rather than domination, is a healing perspective that dissolves any challenge. We are in the midst of such a worldwide inspirational fire of enthusiasm for a reawakened consciousness toward reverence for all of life. The attitude of separation and domination is obsolete. Powerful, devoted grass roots movements are springing up all over the world teaching independent living skills to people of all nations, educating all children everywhere. There is much work to be done, and yet it is being done in an attitude of hopefulness, generosity, and enthusiasm. There is much to be grateful for on our Earth. I am reminded daily, “My faith is sufficient unto the day.” I look to this day knowing it is the very life of life! Just like Jesus and all the mystics of all times and all traditions have always said! Love is the answer. Peace is the way. Namaste to you my precious sisters and brothers! Together nothing is impossible! Blessed Be!

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