Edge Life by Cathy Combs

Buying Green--Saving Our Planet

Buying green is one of the most important political actions we all can take. I feel this political action is part of our personal empowerment and leadership development, for it brings us back to the immediacy of our relationship with Mother Nature and all of Her precious creation.

I have belonged to a Community Supported Agriculture group for many years. I have been recycling for many years. Both of those conscious activities have helped me feel very close to the community in which I live and work. I deeply value this conscious connection. I have learned many heartfelt lessons in this process of building a conscious connection with my community.

One of the lessons I have recently learned is that cotton is one of the most heavily pesticide-sprayed fabrics we can buy! I find that fact surprising and frightening -- and sad. Supporting local, regional and national consumer groups is a powerful healing mechanism to bring back the personal feeling and commitment of really being a community. When people see the direct impact of their actions, they are powerfully reminded of our passionate interconnectedness.

So often we may wonder what difference it makes? Being connected in these ways leaves no doubt as to the difference we make. We know our family farmers and we know that our actions help them thrive. We know that our produce isn't filled with pesticides, because our family farmers use organic methods to grow the crops. Our food is fresh, because it's delivered the day it's picked. Our organic cotton clothes aren't filled with pesticides. Our skin and system aren't contaminated by pesticides. Our health and well-being improve all the way around.

These are values and methods I greatly prize. As these practices become commonplace, the price for these products will go down. We all support each other. Everybody wins! We bring back the awareness of the power of conscious action, conscious caring! We breathe the joy of life back into our daily lives! We bring back the value of, and commitment to, service. Service is our way of showing we recognize our impact on each other and we care about the impact we're having!

Buying green enlivens our heart-connected, compassionate human nature. I truly believe this principle. We are reminded that we are present, that we truly do matter in the biggest ways we truly can imagine! What a great and needed gift to keep on giving!

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