Edge Life by Cathy Combs

Cyberspace: A Connection With The Infinite

The internet is a connection with the infinite.

There is an infinite variety of uses for this technology. We can use this technology to bring ourselves closer to each other. In a mere instant, we can access information about every culture on Earth. We can educate ourselves about another culture's view of the Divine. We can develop an appreciation for diversity. We can expand our worldview. We can send and receive messages across the globe in moments. We can access encyclopedias and virtually all of the world's recorded knowledge. We can play games and amuse ourselves. We can listen to music we love. We can send an uplifting message to someone we love.

These are some of the many positive impacts of cyberspace technology. There also are hideous negatives. It is all the easier to spread messages of hate, fear and degradation throughout the world. Internet porn is a multibillion-dollar business, and this technology makes child pornography and other abuses of children all the easier. Scams abound. Cheating in the classroom has risen to new levels.

As much as I love it, Internet technology presents interesting questions and challenges. I can use it as a tool to communicate effectively. I can use it as a tool to avoid some of the challenging tasks of my life. My beingness knows the difference. If joy is absent, I can be sure I'm abusing this technology and avoiding my life. The social, emotional and spiritual impact of internet addictions cannot be underestimated. The impact is huge!

I sense that the vast speed of information sharing increases the tension and pressure we feel in our bodies. We're bombarded by news of horrible wars and environmental catastrophes daily, hourly, instantly. We're bombarded with the inhumanities we perpetrate upon each other. Many of us are on information overload.

However, I have so appreciated sending and receiving a heartwarming message at just the right time.

I'm quite certain the accessibility and immediacy of the Internet has saved lives, particularly as it relates to the availability of the latest medical information. Doctors and scientists the world over can communicate by word and picture. People can also educate themselves on this vast array of medical information and be proactive in their own health care. I've read countless stories over the years about how people have done their own research on their own illness and come up with medical information their doctors didn't know.

And let's not forget the creativity that this technology affords us. I have a website that I created with the help of a dear friend. This technology allows for such an array of beauty and creativity to be shared instantaneously. I consider this kind of activity a spiritual exercise. I feel this kind of exercise lifts the vibration of the Universe. That is certainly how I want to spend as much of my time as possible, not only on the internet but in everything I do.

The internet has had a positive impact in the area of political fundraising and information sharing. Minority candidates have a real chance with this technology. I participate in numerous political sites to keep updated on the latest information. The internet allows me to exercise my freedom of speech. I appreciate that opportunity.

It is very important to use our technology for proactive spiritual and political causes to make this world a place of peace and freedom and respect for all! Hail to the Infinite!

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