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Depression: A Resting Place Or An Illness?

I remember the first time I described depression as a resting place; as a clue that I needed to stop, to rest, to reevaluate what I was doing. Instead of judging myself for feeling depressed I simply needed to stop for a moment! That change of perspective completely switched how I was looking at my situation at that time. I found myself breathing more lightly. I felt my body relaxing. I felt my thoughts uplifting. I don't remember the situation at the time but I do remember how lethargic I felt; how defeated I felt; how closed in on myself I felt. At times like this one of the key holistic tools I use is simply the realization that situational depression is a normal part of life. I make sure I am doing the simple things like getting enough rest, eating good foods, exercising. I also recognize that if I'm feeling very depressed these simple things are hard to do. I may even be feeling mad enough at myself or my situation that I purposely don't do these simple things. I use that awareness as a clue too that I really need to pay attention; that I really need to do some self-care. Maybe I need to take a risk and call a friend. Maybe I need to read an uplifting book. Maybe I need to go out and sit in the sunshine. Maybe I need to jump on my mini-tramp because that always makes me laugh.

As an educator and mental health professional I also recognize that there is another kind of depression that is beyond situational depression and is much more serious. It is important to me to recognize that both kinds of depression can lead to suicide when a person feels that there is no way out of the pain they are feeling. For the purposes of this article my focus is on what I do in regard to situational depression.

Power of attitude I have always intuitively recognized the power of my attitude toward life. I have always been an optimistic person; tenaciously determined to be successful in ways that I  defined success. The turning point in my life came when I discovered the principles of  the New Thought movement in the 70s. I discovered principles of life that stated that  “thoughts are real”, “thoughts are energy”, “thoughts affect us at a cellular level”.  These principles elevated my understanding and my life to a whole new level of functioning.

Both personally and professionally I have found these principles to be  true and invaluable. I have found that a smile biochemically changes my body by releasing endorphins that elevate my feeling state. I have found that sending healing energy to my body heals my body. I have found that by changing my attitude from fear to confidence brings confidence.

Imagination You've probably heard of the statement “whatever the mind can conceive the body can achieve.” That statement is a direct example of the way these principles work. That statement reminds me of another holistic tool I use--- imagination.

Imagination is a way of working in the invisible realm, laying patterns in our soul, for what we want to manifest in the physical realm. The invisible and visible realms are inextricably linked. Thoughts we hold in mind will manifest in the visible realm! It may take us some time, especially if we defeat ourselves by letting fear enter into the picture, but it can also manifest in an instant if we do not let fear cut the circuit of the flow of the healing energy.

I have experienced the Truth of that principle at work. It is important for me to say that healing is defined not only as a physical healing but as healing in any area:  prosperity, wisdom, or whatever kind of energy or manifestation is needed. We can heal ourselves of depression by holding thoughts in mind that we are healed; that we are worthy of being healed; we are worthy of being happy and successful in whatever ways we define happy and successful! I don't know if there is anything more powerful than truly knowing in every cell of my body and mind that I am worthy!

I truly do believe this is the ultimate healing of depression. I truly do believe that the reality of “I am worthy” opens us all to the awesomeness of our spirit-connected human dimension. I have found that practice to be both invaluable and challenging. Invaluable in the sense that it opens me to a whole new level of strength and possibility. Challenging in the sense that it asks me to let go of old and limiting frames of mind and body. The choice is mine! The choice is yours too! As we move forward into February I look forward to celebrating the ebb and flow of life's energy and manifestation. February is a time when many traditions celebrate the dawning of the light; the light of the sun, the light of inspiration. In this light, I will treasure feelings of depression as a reminder to rest, renew, and look again anew!

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