Edge Life by Cathy Combs

Hand In Hand Into the Future

Preparing our children for the future -- or are they preparing us? In considering this question, I am immediately swept up in the cosmic interconnectedness we all share with each other. Yes, we are preparing our children, and all children are preparing all of us for the future! My question is, is it a conscious, loving preparation, or is it a mindless, heartless, unconscious "preparation"?

I very much intend for my contribution to be a heartfelt, heartwarming invitation to engage life to the fullest, knowing that each view from the oncoming horizon holds a whole new possibility if we will open our hearts and arms to each other. I believe our conscious, heartfelt connection with each other is more important than ever before. We have so much power in our hands today. Science is advancing at such a rapid pace. If we engage this advancement with love and respect and excitement, who knows what great things are ahead? If we make other choices, who knows what's ahead?

In considering the vastness and awesomeness of these possibilities before us today, I cherish the childlike wonder and excitement a child brings to their approach to life -- and I cannot help but hold that possibility with a great love and joy! I feel that our advancement hinges on keeping that childlike wonder and excitement throughout our lives. There is a purity of intention there that is very telling! That childlike wonder contains the seed of our divinity, our true loving nature.

As we maintain our connection with our true nature throughout adulthood, we give each child the keys to the future that they so wonderfully deserve, and we hold a candle of inspiration for all who may temporarily be floundering in their woundedness. When we remember our true nature, we focus on the newness of the present moment and we bring healing and freshness to all we do! We encounter the great cosmic ocean of truly limitless possibility. I can feel that limitlessness when I hold a newborn baby just coming into this world, and I can feel the same possibility when I hold the hand of one about to make a transition as they leave this world. The continuity is seamless; only our attention wavers.

Children are always reminding us to look with new eyes, embrace the joy and love, enfold the wonder, open our arms and hearts to aspects of all that we might have given up for lost! I find children to be so profound! They remind me that I've been sleepwalking, that I'm holding images that don't serve me. My responsibility to them, and to me, and all others, is to hold the joy and to fill in the blanks with honesty, caring, and reverence for all of life. I feel that as we embrace each other our future is in good hands!

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