Edge Life by Cathy Combs

Love And Compassion: The Ground Of Our Being?

Love and compassion are the ground of our being. Acting from a sense of love and compassion brings a sense of peace, strength and confidence to our lives and to our world. And acting from a sense of love and compassion brings a sense of flexibility and perspective.

I do not define love and compassion as feminine. I define love and compassion as human, as integral to wholeness and happiness. I believe this energy is activated by knowing and loving who we are. By having a sense of our past and our future we can see who we are in the present and create our game plan for how we want to proceed. By having a sense of our own power, I believe we live in a centeredness that activates love and compassion for ourselves and others. Without a sense of our own power and purpose I believe a sense of desperation and separation is created that is the source of all unhappiness and turmoil of every kind.

By defining love and compassion as "feminine," we cut ourselves off from the very ground of our being, and support a dualistic rather than holistic viewpoint. I believe it is integral to health and wholeness to define love and compassion as human qualities, rather than feminine qualities, so that the reality of holism can be reintegrated back into the consciousness of our worldview. I believe this reintegration will promote a spirit of cooperation, groundedness and peace that will promote a sense of well-being and generosity among us all.

From a spirit of generosity comes an expansiveness and openness of mind and heart and body that makes love and compassion more possible, more present. This attitude toward life and each other has many wide-ranging implications. I believe this spirit of generosity promotes a spirit of community and caring that is absolutely vital for a peaceful, compassionate worldview. I can well imagine a decrease in all kinds of violence, and an increase in our respect for ourselves and each other, and our beloved planet Earth as we actively learn to cultivate and respect this spirit of love and compassion for ourselves and each other.

I recognize that this cultivation of love and respect is a very deliberate process. This process works moment by moment, with every thought and action. As we empower ourselves to be conscious of our power and impact I believe we literally can and do heal our world. We can bring love and compassion to our every deliberation. We can literally be the change we want to see in the world. We can bring peace. We can bring war. We can bring generosity. We can bring healing. We are truly that powerful. By our very being we embody whatever qualities we want to see in the world. If I think and act peace, I literally am peace personified!

That is my personal goal in this lifetime; to be peace and healing in each moment. When I do not meet that goal in any moment my goal is to bring awareness, not guilt, and work toward a solution. I look to the Divine that I believe is immanent in me and in all of life, and I focus again on this embodiment of Love and Compassion and open the flow to myself and my world. In so doing, I bring love and compassion to all that I do, all that I am. The benefit is living in a loving compassionate world as I model what is possible.

I truly do believe this is my purpose in this world. I look forward to seeing that model reintegrated as a worldview.

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