Edge Life by Cathy Combs

Progressive Politics? To Love One Another!

As we begin this journey of exploring the transformative platform of the Cultural Creatives, I can't think of a more progressive platform than to truly embody thoughts, feelings, ideas and actions that put into motion the reality of the transformative power of loving ourselves and one another. Under the banner of that progressive platform, there would be no toxic dumping; there wouldn't even be the thought of toxic dumping! There would be the profound awareness that the cost of that thoughtlessness would be much too great for all involved.

There would be no clearcutting of our precious forests, no oil drilling in our vulnerable wilderness areas and no seeking of money and fame at all costs. Under the banner of truly progressive politics, there would be excellent education and health care for all who wanted and needed these services. There would be racial, ethnic and spiritual harmony among all people. Under that banner, service would be a calling -- a true joy and sacred trust that would never be underestimated, nor undervalued.

These values are some of the many values that I hold sacred under the banner of identifying myself as a Cultural Creative. These values are some of the values that I put into practice every day of my life. I feel that as these values are practiced, preached and shared, we are closer and closer to the critical mass needed to complete this worldwide change of embracing this "new" set of values.

The fact that there are many millions of people who self-identify as Cultural Creatives tells me not only is this movement important, but this movement is necessary for the very survival of our planet. I have a little sticker on the front door of my house that says, "We're all in this together." It is not possible for me to pretend that my words, actions and presence don't matter. I know with every fiber of my being that they do, for every act, every word and every thought either adds to the solution or the problem. As a caring, human, spiritual being, I consider my life practice to be an ethical imperative to be as progressive as I know how to be. Nothing else brings more love, joy and peace to my life than that practice.

Saying that reminds me that politics is the study and practice of how we use and abuse power. Loving ourselves and each other is a very present-moment activity. Loving ourselves and each other is the very embodiment of power. There is no more powerful force anywhere than love. That's why the politics of love is so very powerful and for some, so very frightening.

There is nothing so life-changing as the self-awareness that love brings! There is nothing so life-killing as denying that love to ourselves and each other. That is why we must be progressive enough to move beyond all the artificial barriers we consciously and unconsciously put up to keep us separate from ourselves and each other.

In the work that I do as an educator and mental health professional, I experience this love and the lack of love in the lives of the people I see every day. I do everything I can to add light, love, peace and joy to all I encounter. I do everything I can to keep myself at my level best so I can be part of the solution. I consider my life to be a precious gift, and my gift in return is to be the very best I can be.

That is the progressive politics of love and life that I cherish so very much. That is the progressive politics of life and love I share with others!

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