Edge Life by Cathy Combs

Prosperity: Living The Unqualified Yes!

from the March 2007 issue

My definition of prosperity is the wide open, heart-centered "yes" to life! To live the unqualified yes, I have to be visible enough so that the universe can "find me." That means I have to be conscious enough to say "yes" to the magnanimity that's already here, to the expansiveness that is the very nature of the universe. My job -- and our collective job -- is to align ourselves with the magnificence that's always been here -- with the magnificence we are!

My definition of prosperity begins at the invisible level. I define prosperity as energy. I call that energy love! When I align with that energy, I am in the flow of an unqualified love. I believe we are made of this very energy. As we realize who we are, we cannot help but be prosperous.

Prosperity means many things. Certainly prosperity can mean having enough money. An even bigger definition of prosperity is realizing we don't even need money! Spiritual masters of all time and all religions had no money; they had no possessions. They lived lives of voluntary simplicity. They lived lives of such purity, clarity and love that all they needed was provided wherever they went.

I can't help but wonder if we're so swallowed up by consumerism that we can't even imagine that this level of consciousness is even real! For this very reason, it is important to understand what money really is: spiritual substance. Money is one example of our connection with the Divine. How we use money is important. That is one reason why tithing at more than the minimum 10 percent level is so important to me. I want to push and expand the envelope of my expression of faith, gratitude and generosity. I want to experience how far I can go!

"Tithing plus," as I call it, is my expression of gratitude and faith, and an understanding of who I am. I recognize my oneness with God consciousness, the infinite substance of the universe. I pay attention to my attitude about money. I pay attention to how I use money. I pay attention to how I spend money. I pay attention to flow!

Perhaps you can read between these lines and understand my tips on how to be prosperous. Perhaps you can understand my message outright. I am an educator and mental health professional. My whole life has been dedicated to personal empowerment and leadership development for myself and others. I have a master's degree in psychology. My professional training is in Gestalt psychology which focuses on the alignment of heart and mind as one. When heart and mind are in alignment, there is nothing we cannot do! When our thoughts and feelings are aligned, there is nothing we cannot do! That is the secret to success. That is the secret to prosperity. We align ourselves with creative Source. We realize there is an endless flow of divine ideas. We act on the divine ideas we receive. We live the unqualified Yes to life!

The process neither starts nor stops there. If we're not feeling prosperous, we have a few questions to ask ourselves: Why not? What's in the way? The answer always starts with fear. When we're afraid, we close all doors to energy flow. Prosperity is all about flow. Flow means the presence of spiritual attributes like love, joy, faith, hope, enthusiasm, generosity! Activate any one of these gifts of the Spirit and you will undeniably experience prosperity. That is spiritual law in expression.

In her book, The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Rev. Edwene Gaines tells us that part of the process of getting in the flow is "finding the kink in the hose" -- find out how we are cutting off the flow. The most powerful realization is that God, however we define that Essence, is never the One that cuts off the flow! I am the only one who cuts off the flow in my life -- through inattention, lack of confidence, feelings of unworthiness.

So now I realize the door is totally open. The welcome mat is always out, and it always says, "Welcome. I've been waiting for you!"

The welcome mat is waiting for you and me to live that unqualified Yes! There is far more than enough love, joy, money, hope -- all the gifts, all the blessings to go around. The unqualified love of the universe says to us, "Your wish is my command." The invitation is clear. Give our unqualified Yes to Life. We will receive in unqualified joyful measure. I say Yes to Life! How about you?


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