Edge Life by Cathy Combs

My Spiritual Awakening
from the January 2010 issue

The question that has been uppermost in my heart and mind lately is, "How does it happen that I knew as a nine year old that I am innately good?" The almost indescribable difference this awareness has made in my life is most definitely palpable.

I came into this life with an indomitable will. My understanding that nothing is in my way is a HUGE spiritual gift. My understanding is that, "All things work together for Good. All things work together to bless me."

My understanding lately is that the work I do is the highest, holiest call to Compassion and Gratitude that I have ever received. I recently understood that the work I've done all my life is an expression of holding the paradox that I am so keenly aware of in this lifetime. My work is the paradox of being a crisis counselor and an educator in the very same moment.

I'm an Empath. It is often so exceedingly painful to wonder, "How in the world did I get to be who I am and you are who you are?" The difference in how we respond to the world and how we see ourselves is agonizing.

It is agonizing to see people so immobilized by fear, guilt, and self-hatred. I knew as a college student that my lifework was to understand myself and to help others understand themselves so we could all live the highest, holiest lives of Joy and Compassion and Gratitude that I know we are called to live...because it is our very Nature.

When I moved to California the first time "to find my dream" I found the spiritual perspective that is the very living embodiment of my childhood understanding that I am innately good. I cried and cried for weeks I was so overjoyed. The fascinating paradox is that the world headquarters is five miles from where I grew up as a child.

The spiritual awakening that continues to fuel my passionate devotion to this precious life experience is the power of our thoughts, feelings and actions. I know so clearly that what I focus on immeasurably colors and creates my life experience. I have no illusion about that Truth whatsoever. My spiritual awakening came into irrevocable focus earlier this year as I finished my first book due to be released before Christmas. The culmination of this process is certainly the greatest Christmas present I've ever received. It is also the expression of a Truth that irrevocably colors and expresses my life Truth: Life is an inside out process. I irrefutably know I am powerful. I am Power Itself. I want to share that awareness with everyone. I know with all my heart it is our spiritual heritage. It is our very Nature. Thank you, Universe, for an immeasurably empowered life. I recognize myself in You, as You!!! I am exceedingly grateful.


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