Edge Life by Cathy Combs

We Can Redefine Who We Are in Every Moment

We need to be who we really are? I couldn't agree more! In my opinion, being who we really are is the very essence of health and well-being in body, mind, soul and spirit. Being who we really are means there is an integrity, an interiority of connection, between inner and outer. What I say matches what I do; what I'm feeling matches what I'm thinking. There are no mixed messages, no double binds leaving me twisting in the wind. 

When I know who I am, I know what my purpose is. I know what I want and I can clearly and peacefully go about the business of putting my plan into action. Many aspects of spirituality, medicine, and metaphysical disciplines mirror this truth that inner peace is made visible when our inner and outer realms are consistent.

Who am I really? How do I come to know who I am? Even more vital questions for me are, “Do I define who I am, or do I let outer circumstances define who I am? Do I unconsciously allow anyone or anything define in any way who I am?” If so, I need to check that at the door of my internal gateway and say, “No entry allowed here unless I approve of you--- unless I claim you as an essential part of my being that I cherish and hold in high regard.”

Over the years, I have had to go to that gateway and clear out old baggage that says, “not worthy”, “not good enough.” I have had to “re-view” old childhood perceptions based on appearance and say “I know better now.” I have had to go to the gateway  and remind myself that if I view myself as a spiritual being, the embodiment of the  Divine, with no mental reservations about that essence, I would be a radiating  essence of love, peace, and joy. Radiating that divine essence is my goal. It is a daily discipline. As I remind myself “I am that I am,” the clouds of disbelief fade away into the nothingness that they are so that only my true identity can shine forth. By  doing the daily discipline of laying that divine pattern in my soul, my connection with  that pattern becomes more and more automatic and the old patterns become less  and less visible in my brain and in my life. 

Did you know that whatever we practice actually does lay a visible pattern in our brain? It's called learning! When I consciously choose what I want to teach myself and what and who I want to be, that pattern is actually laid in my brain. It works the same for you too! Did you know that?

Part of the process of defining who I am comes from my belief that there are no accidents; that everything is working together for my good; that I am here to fulfill a divine purpose. I believe there is an inherent order in the Universe and this order is governed by a Loving Intelligence. My identity is aligned with that Loving Intelligence. I believe we all are.

Through the discipline of meditation, prayer, or any mindful awareness we strengthen our connection with this Loving Intelligence and we radiate an inner consistency and confidence as we live our lives according to this “plan”. By “plan,” I mean we consciously exercise our free will as we accept our full responsibility for building our lives moment by moment. We are the architect of this plan. There is no predestined outcome. We determine the outcome by our actions, or lack of action. In each moment we define our identity. We determine who we are!

I believe we have an inner guidance system that lets us know when we are “on the right track.” We feel comfortable in our own skin. We feel at peace, relaxed, open. When we're scared, or “down”, or angry, that's our signpost that we've closed the door to our Loving Intelligence, to our very identity. It's time to open the door! Let the Light shine in!  

I believe that every moment we have the opportunity to define who we are. In our individual ways, we can all choose to identify ourselves as the Radiating Light of the Universe and proclaim our presence, here and now. We can answer the call of “Who Am I” and report for duty, a duty that is a vibrant blessing rather than a crushing obligation. So, I am here reporting for duty. I am clear about who I am. I am ready to live and lead by example. Blessings to you!

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