Silent Unity Pamphlet by Cathy Combs

When A Child Needs Healing

When a child needs healing, the most powerful thing you can do is pray. To truly pray means to calm your fears and doubts and let no other thought but the healing love of God enter your mind.

You can control the thoughts that occupy your mind by saying yes or no to them. When a thought of God's healing love comes to you, let it fully enter your mind. Dwell on the truth of this thought and give thanks for that truth.

If a thought of illness or pain comes to you, say no to it by gently bringing your awareness back to the truth that God's healing power is at work here and now. In this way, you are training yourself to realize that nothing is beyond the power of God to heal and bless.

Your consciousness is your link to God. There is no illness in the mind of God, only perfect life. As you hold to this thought, the reality of it comes forth in full bloom and the one you are praying for receives the benefit of your realization and your increased faith. Remember Jesus' beautiful statement: "I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly" (Jn. 10:10). This promise is for all God's children.

Life is eternal, and God is with you and the child you are praying for throughout all life's expression. Each time you call this promise to mind, you strengthen your faith. Nothing can shake your faith in the truth that a full and perfect expression of God's healing life is coming about this very moment.

As you go about your day, you can confidently place your child or dear one in God's care, knowing that God's will is perfect life and wholeness. You can calmly meet any challenge by making each moment an affirmation of God's love, God's presence, and God's unfailing help in every need. As stated in "The Prayer of Faith," "God is my strength, unfailing, quick... I know no fear, since God and love and Truth are here." Your faith in God's willingness and ability to help fills you and those around you with peace and serenity. God's wonderful and abiding presence is with you at all times as comfort and assurance.

Whenever you pray, remember that the child you are blessing is made in the image and likeness of God. Remember God's special love for children and that children are amazingly resilient. They have a pure faith and trust, and your faith and trust are an added blessing to them. Visualize the child filled with the radiant perfection of God and remember Jesus' statement: "Your faith has made you well" (Mt. 9:22). This is the truth for your child or dear one right now, and it is the fulfillment of Jesus' wonderful promise.

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