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My Philosophy

I think it is fair to say that my philosophy has always been rooted in a deep understanding of the bittersweet complexities of life. I have always been deeply aware of humanity's power to hurt and to heal. I have always been aware of the power of words and actions to hurt and to heal. As an adult, I have come to understand and deeply honor the principle that "there is nothing so strong as gentleness and nothing so gentle as real strength." I see these words and my philosophy embodied in Earth-based spirituality. To me, this spirituality is a living embodiment of life as deeply sacred; a teaching and living of the Divine as immanent in all of life. This perspective reminds me in each moment that I am deeply connected with all of life, that life is sacred, and that I share a responsibility with all of life to be a steward of life's many gifts. This perspective teaches me that I am to be a caretaker, not a dominator. Not because I am a woman, but because I am human. I alone, as a species on this planet, have the power of choice. With choice comes power, and with power comes responsibility.

My philosophy is also deeply rooted in the understanding that as humans, we have a body and a mind. In our culture I am profoundly aware that no matter what our body looks like we have been taught to hate, revile, and fear our body and our emotions. We have literally been taught to cut ourselves off in every way from our body. From this cultural teaching comes the deep seated fear and hatred of women, feeling, body, emotions, and our very planet Earth.

My philosophy embodies a reintegration of the reality that body and mind and all of life is sacred, a reintegration of the reality that we are all deeply connected, that what we do to each other we do to ourselves and all of life. My philosophy is deeply rooted in being a living example of love, peace, joy and respect. Out of this philosophy comes an openness and expansiveness and trust that I believe embody health, wholeness, and well-being. It is my life goal to embody this openness and trust in all I think, say, and do. Out of this openness and trust comes a generosity of being that makes peace possible. I believe that is the sacred trust that we are all given in this life. That is my gift I wish to share with you.