Gaia Community: A Ministry of Leadership Part II by Cathy Combs

Dear Community,

Last month I shared some beginning thoughts with you on our community being a ministry of leadership. As we approach my favorite time of year I would like to continue this sharing in the context of balance. We are approaching the time of year where the Earth expresses balance as equal day, equal night. I find this balance so intriguing on so many levels. For me, this balance of light and dark is far more than just a physical reality. For me, this balance is a reminder of my greatest spiritual challenge. How do I embrace wholeness in a world seemingly filled with duality? How did my world ever get so small that I thought there were only two options? When did I first associate light with good, and dark with bad? If dark is bad how do I relate to my most precious gift of intuition, the awe of mystery, the depths of unconscious knowing?

These questions are vitally important to me in my spiritual journey. I am all too aware of how the concept of dualism has been translated into a "reality" that is used to divide and conquer! I am all too aware of how this dualistic "reality" of light/dark, good/bad has been used to cut me off from the very core of my being. Can you imagine what kind of worldwide community we could create if we were to use this dualism as a call to balance, rather than divisiveness? What would our world be like if we were to embrace action and contemplation, intuition and conscious knowing, religion and science as calls to balance?

All these questions remind me why the genuine reality of immanence is so important to me!! As we embrace the immanence of divinity how can we be anything else but leaders? As we do our very best to heal the aspects of our lives that have hurt us and held us back how can we be anything else but "powerful beyond measure" as Marianne Williamson calls us to be?? So, I ask you once again what are you planting? What roots are you pulling up that no longer serve you? I ask you to participate in the sowing and reaping of this season so that you may give and receive the gifts of balance that are yours!! You are an invaluable gift to this community and your unique presence and power is needed and welcomed. Blessed be to you as we approach this season of balance together in spirit!!


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