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Overflowing Abundance - January 2010

by Cathy Combs


I want to begin 2010 by acknowledging the blessings of 2009 overflowing into 2010. My goodness. I'm writing this newsletter on the 2009 Winter Solstice and enjoying a day of such Peace and Appreciation for all I am and all I have. It's a beautiful day and I am sitting here watching a beautiful sunset and talking with my sister, Vicky, to share this sacred day with her.

Here's a sample of the happenings of this day. It is a beautiful sunny uncharacteristically warm 40+ degree December day. It's my day off. I had lunch at my usual place. I gave the young waitress a huge tip as a Christmas present. She looked at me with the most astonished sweet smile and said, "Thank you." I went to my hairdresser to get my haircut. My intention was to give her a big tip too. As I sat down she said, "Read this." It was her letter to all her customers saying she was giving us a discount in January and February as a thank you for being loyal customers. I couldn't stop laughing as I read it. I told her I came there with the idea of giving her an extra tip. We both laughed in appreciation of the synchronicity of what Generosity does. You no sooner plan to give a gift and you get one in return. Then I went to get my oil changed. They took so long to do it the young cashier gave me a 15% discount. Then I went to my credit union to get some cash. I saw a person with a sign saying "Homeless." I motioned them to "Come here." I couldn't even tell if the person was a woman or a man at first. As they got up they were obviously limping and even though it was a warm day they were obviously freezing cold and when I saw the person's face she looked years older than I think she is. I gave her 20% of the money I had just withdrawn. She thanked me again and again saying, "Thank you so much. This will feed me." I left there crying.

I know some people are cynical about giving money to people who have signs saying "Homeless." My feeling is if people are lying about their status that's on them. If I'm indifferent and callous that's on me. The looks I've seen on people's faces are absolutely haunting. These interactions make it profoundly clear how exponentially blessed I am.

Several incidents on succeeding days made my blessings abundantly clear. I was sharing my frustration with my sister, Vicky, and she said, "Remember that Mercury goes retrograde the day after Christmas." I couldn't stop laughing. Yet again the Universe is saying, "I got you covered, kiddo. Relax." The timetable for the completion of my book project hasn't been going as I had hoped. I learned yet again, "Let fear sit on the sidelines where it belongs. Don't let fear be rummaging around in my mind." The next day was full of unexpected blessings on that front too. Many options were presented on how to proceed with the completion of the project. I shared the learning with a friend there and we both laughed in recognition of the learning.

I'm detailing all of this yet again to express how powerful Appreciation and Trust are. I keep learning about the power of Focus at deeper and deeper levels. I want my Focus on what I want. Not on what I don't want. I want my Focus on Oneness!!! Not separation. I want to contribute to the worldwide Understanding that it is our thoughts that create our circumstances. The economy is not the "problem." My thinking is either linked to Abundance or Lack. It's my Choice. This is not what we're routinely taught. I want to contribute to what I want to be routinely taught. I want all people to know they are exponentially Powerful. I want people to know they can change their circumstances. This is the Unitive Principle that I have intuitively and experientially known and practiced for years. We are innately Powerful. The more we connect with this ancient Truth the more we change our lives.

It's days later since I wrote these last paragraphs. What a profoundly perfect segue into a wonderful story I am now reading about Jonathan Bender who is trying to make a comeback in the NBA after bone on bone injuries forced an early retirement four years ago. He's so athletically gifted he went straight to the pros out of high school. That's not the most impressive part of his amazing life. His life is a story of Generosity, Passion, Empowerment and paying it forward. He's a native of Picayune, Mississippi. He is making monumental efforts to restore the areas devastated by hurricane Katrina and the lives of the people who are still so devastatingly impacted. He said he has always been interested in real estate. He's employing many people in his building projects, many from impoverished backgrounds. He made housing available for 35 or 36 families. He bought up many, many properties and is restoring them all with low rent apartments with high end luxury amenities: marble counter tops, ornate light fixtures, oak cabinets, and manicured grounds to uplift the spirits of the tenants who rave about his generosity and his continued involvement in getting everything fixed as needed. His foundation adopted the Joseph S. Maggiore Elementary School in Metairie, Louisiana. Now the students have computers and all new books. He's providing an after school literacy program, fresh basketball rims, and a large flat screen TV. He bought Christmas presents for all 432 students and on Easter he hid all the eggs. He's planning on building a 24 hour recreation center and adopting more schools to rehab and build. The passion, compassion, dreams and drive of this one young man will influence and change generations to come. The article I am reading says, "There is not enough space in the hemisphere to hold all of Bender's dreams." What a wonderful tribute to a young man. This is the Power of one! This is the Power of Generosity.

On a personal level here are a few more examples that are so precious. We've had the blizzard from blazes the last few days here. I got home last night and got stuck in my drive way. I couldn't make it over the two foot high snow drifts. I had been hoping a neighbor would shovel the driveway so I could get in it. I answer the phone and find out that a different neighbor had just done exactly what I had hoped. I couldn't help but laugh at the Truth of the mantra of put your hope out there and know that the outcome always unfolds in unexpected ways. Then today I was thinking I wonder how I'll get out to the car and get the new round of snow off. I look out the window and a different neighbor is sweeping off my car and shoveling all around my car to get me out of that snow drift. So, yes, I clearly, clearly know that Abundance is overflowing!!! It's all around me. It's within me!!!!!!!!! I certainly felt the overflowing Abundance at our recent Christmas Eve Candle Lighting service. I couldn't stop crying I was so overcome with the Love, Joy, Faith, and Hope I felt. I bring all that into this precious new year of 2010 as it unfolds in ever amazing ways! Greetings to you, precious New Year!!!! Namaste to all!!!!!!!!!!