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2020: Heretics & Heroes:
Part I of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a cloudy cold day today, a complete paradox from yesterday when we set a new high for Christmas day on a beautifully sunny day. 2020 is going to be a big year for me. I have no idea what is going to happen. I just intuitively know there are big changes coming. Part of my knowing is from astrological information saying what big changes are coming and part of my knowing is a comical knowing that 2020 represents clear vision, clear seeing as the 20:20 indication of our vision as perfect seeing.

In a different sense I know that Vision is a blend of body, mind and Spirit in perfect balance. Vision in this sense is our Spiritual Identity knowing clearly who we are. As I've said time and again this kind of Knowing is so very important!!! Centered in this Knowing there is nothing we cannot do!!! That is the kind of Knowing we were sent here to be!!!

I am celebrating the second month in my new home. I am so very happy to be here. It's a beautiful area, a beautiful feeling and I know I have new opportunities unfolding as one commitment ends and another one begins. It's a fascinating paradox to hold knowing that things are changing so much and yet knowing new opportunities abound. I know with all my heart that the Universe is unfailingly Beneficent no matter what is happening. That is a huge statement of Faith and yet I know it is true because I know we are unfailingly loved!!!!!! There is Good in every moment once we get past the pain that might be there too. We have lessons to learn. It doesn't mean we deserve to be punished or that we did anything bad or that we are bad. It simply means lessons are always unfolding so look for the Good and expect the Good and It will come no matter what!!!

A huge part of this learning is to understand that we are inherently Good. We are Spirit in Expression. We are not separate from our Good!!! So many of us grew up in a fear-based hate-based environment that we lost sight of who we truly are. Maybe some of us have never even known who we are!!! That is why we are here to discover and rediscover again and again who we truly are. Yesterday I was reminded again and again how much I mean to people. There were so many reminders I was in tears. It was overwhelming to feel so loved and appreciated in this time of such Joy and Peace and Love as we celebrate Christmas and the dawning of the New Year with all It's surprises and blessings and learnings as yet to be.

All of this reminds me again and again our Good is not outside of us. It is within us and we are to recognize It and call It forth into being. One way we do that is to be of service to a world we love. We must be in touch with what we love to do and in order to do that we must be the Love that we are!!! We must recognize our Sacredness and love our true Self, our Divine Nature expressing in this physical world. All these blessings and knowings are in the here and now, not later after we die!!! If we don't know that we are already dead. We are sleepwalking through Life disconnected from our true Self and true Purpose and we miss all the blessings that are so very present in the here and now moment!!!

One aspect of knowing who we are is Persistence. Persistence is an expression of commitment and service. I read an amazing story yesterday of detectives who worked as a team for 42 years to solve the mystery of where a woman disappeared. They were determined to find the answer and they did!!! I love stories like this because they speak so powerfully to caring and commitment and ingenuity leaving no stone unturned until they achieve the desired result. Playfully and thankfully it doesn't always take 42 years to achieve the desired result but it certainly does show the Power of commitment and energy!!!

As we all go forward into 2020 some very Powerful Energy is taking place in our world a solar eclipse signaling many new changes coming and a lunar eclipse. I love these light shows and I love the technology that allows us to see them even though they are not visible in the northern hemisphere.

Another very Powerful Energy that is so often overlooked is kindness. I read a phenomenal story yesterday about what a woman did for someone and it touched so many people's hearts via the internet the woman was gifted with a scholarship to attend college which was her dream to accomplish. She was so overwhelmed that her "simple" act of kindness could draw such a response she was in tears. This story is a Powerful example of what we all can do. Any act of kindness is transformative to the giver and receiver. The Energy we give out always comes back multiplied and what we do for someone else can change their lives forever as it did for this woman.

I have shared this other story numerous times but it illustrates the Power of our Energy so I am sharing it again. Research shows that five minutes of focused Love boosts our immune system for six hours and five minutes of focused hatred depresses our immune system for six hours. The first time I read that I said to myself if that isn't the tradeoff of a lifetime I don't know what is.

As we move on down the road into 2020 I hope more and more of us awaken to the Power of focused Love. It is the Expression of who we are as Spirit in the physical. Our acts of kindness Light up the world. What a precious way to spend our time and Energy. That is my Intention as I go on down the road in 2020 to be the Love and Light and Joy and Peace in the world. I'll close this article by sharing another thought I had about one of the Christmas songs of this season. When it was played during our Christmas Eve service I said to a buddy sitting next to me I could listen to that song nonstop for hours. It elicits such Joy I was in tears. I wish you all unlimited blessings each day and I wish you the Persistence and Insight to know that you are invaluable!!!!! You are here to be a blessing. We all are!!!