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2021: Heretics & Heroes:
Part I of XII

by Cathy Combs


Just a few days left in 2020 as I begin this article and what a year it has been. In sooooo many ways I hope I never experience this kind of year again and yet as always the amazing paradox is that there have been sooooo many blessings for me and I AM beyond profoundly grateful because the challenges have been off the chart and so painful. As I was preparing to share my thoughts with you I had the fascinating realization that 2020 is like a doubling of one of my Life numbers and I smiled thinking it meant doubling the intensity of what has happened this year. I also thought of the saying that when we come to the end of our rope tie a knot and begin again. I feel like that rope has been endlessly long this year and it helps me realize at a profoundly deep level how important Peace, Faith and Confidence are as spiritual blessings in our Life. We're not here to be punished. We're here to be uplifted, blessed and strengthened in every way possible and the way we do that is to keep remembering that we are Spirit in Expression. With the way this year has gone I realize again and again how valuable that Knowing is!!! I also recognize how challenging it is to stay connected with that Knowing and I know the profound Strength and Faith and Peace and Confidence that will come with that new depth of Knowing and I AM off the charts grateful that I know that new depth is coming because It is already within me (It is me) and I just have to allow room for It to come forth in each moment!!! It's the same for everyone and that is why our Awareness of our interconnectedness is sooooo important!!!

A profound example of the Awareness of our interconnectedness is the amazing Generosity of MacKenzie Scott, one of the megabillionaires in the world who has pledged to give all her wealth away. She has donated massive amounts of money to historically Black colleges and universities that are always so underfunded and many other organizations who are so underfunded and yet doing such great work. She has said she hopes she is an inspiration to other billionaires to share their wealth. Generosity at whatever level we can share It is transformative for the giver and receiver. I have said that many times before and I have experienced that many times before both as the giver and receiver and it is unforgettable it feels soooo wonderful!!!!!

Another example of our interconnectedness that is soooo inspiring to me is the music performances I have been listening to repeatedly lately. Oh Happy Day being sung by two gospel choirs, the Harlem gospel choir and the Soweto gospel choir being sung to a predominantly white audience from what I can tell and yet everyone is soooooo collaboratively celebrating the whole experience. It is sooooo beautiful to see sooooo many people honoring each other in such a sweet way. I really love it!!!!! That's a Powerful Uplifting example of how we bring Peace and Love into the world.

On a different note, pun intended, I heard some news that was absolutely stunning in a way I do not at all understand. At a time when sooooo many millions of people are suffering soooo dramatically the billionaires are becoming even more massively wealthy. That is such a bizarre statement of how our economic system functions if you can even call that functioning!!! We have soooo much to learn, myself included!!!

As we head into 2021 I know in one sense that there are no guarantees except for the fascinating Truth that everything changes. That saying "The only constant is change" makes me laugh sometimes and it makes me cry sometimes because some of the changes I'm experiencing are certainly not what I wanted, sooo many losses of friends who have died and just other painful changes I didn't see coming but as always I've always said we are all here to ride the wave and be open to the blessings that are hidden in even the most painful moments. I'm still navigating my way through some of these moments looking for the hidden blessings.

I'll go back to my earlier mentioning of the song Oh Happy Day. Sooooo many times lately I've listened to it hoping that it is a happy day for me and so many times I've given thanks that it is a happy day even if it only lasts for a moment which has been the case many times these last few months sooooo many challenging things happening and yet I can feel the Joy and Happiness and Strength when I celebrate with those two choirs and the thousands of people watching and celebrating with them.

I know there are endless blessings and challenges to come and I AM ready, willing and able to ride the wave and do the very best I can and be the very best I can be in each moment. That's a big commitment to make and yet that is very much who I want to be in this world. One of the blessings I sooooooo appreciate is going to the Park every day where I spend hours sitting in my car and hopefully in the sun enjoying the quiet and Beauty of Mother Nature. It's soooooo relaxing and uplifting to be out in Nature and enjoy the Beauty all around me even though the grass is definitely turning brown the area is still beautiful and I AM soooo grateful that it is sooo convenient to be there and it is sooooo amazing what a difference the sun makes even on a day in the 20s I don't even need to turn on the heater in my car the sun is sooooo warm for a big part of the day.

Another blessing I sooo appreciate is the connections I'm making again with friends I haven't seen nor talked with in ages. That is so much fun to make these wonderful connections again and I never take that experience for granted. Saying that reminds me yet again of the Power of Gratitude. Gratitude is a heart connection and the heart is really where our soul lives and where Vitality lives. As we all go forward in 2021 I wish you the very best of Peace, Love, Joy, Gratitude, Strength and Wellness. I hope 2021 is the very best year ever for all of us. What an amazing and wonderful blessing that would be. I'm certainly willing to give it my very best effort and to release 2020 and give thanks for the lessons and blessings that are the building blocks for our next experiences. Blessings to us all!!!