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2022: Heretics & Heroes:
Part I of XII

by Cathy Combs


As I begin this sharing with you we are winding down the last few days of 2021 before we head into the New Year of 2022 and I AM awestruck yet again by the Power and Necessity of Kindness. Expressing Kindness means we are connected with our true Identity as Spirit Incarnate. Kindness is the Lifesaver and Lifegiver of every moment and It's Power cannot be underestimated. It means the world to me to be connected with this Truth and I never underestimate It's value.

Every moment is brand new and an opportunity to grow into a greater and greater Expression of who we truly are. As Spirit Incarnate we are Love Incarnate and as we express this Truth we change the world forever. We bring Happiness, Peace, Wholeness, Well Being and Wisdom into Expression, all the Gifts of Spirit that we are. We are not only a blessing to others we are an immeasurable blessing to ourselves.

Another Expression of Kindness that means the world to me is Integrity. Our world would be soooooo different if people would live from Integrity but they don't value themselves so they don't live from Integrity and that is soooo sad and damaging. I have spent my entire Life teaching and empowering myself and others to be the very best we can possibly be and it brings me great Joy and Peace and Happiness to do this work and to live from this center of Integrity.

As we move forward every moment and every day it will sure be interesting to see what unfolds. We have had such a mild winter so far it will be interesting to see how cold it gets and how much snow we might get. To say the very least winter is by far my least favorite season but it comes and goes like everything else does so I will ride the wave the very best I can from moment to moment and day to day and as I've already shared a zillion times I will remember the statement a very dear friend said years ago that there is a lesson and blessing in every moment. As we allow the lesson to teach us we will grow in Compassion and Understanding two more of my favorite spiritual qualities that bring soooooo much Goodness into our world to experience and to share with others. As we allow the blessing to uplift us we we will grow even more in Compassion and Understanding and Gratitude!!!

As I'm sharing these thoughts with you I've facing west on a mild sunny day in the Midwest relishing one of my favorite things to do watching the sunset in a few hours. We have had some of the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen in my Life in these last few days and weeks. Mother Nature is soooo amazing and we certainly have had some of the most amazing storms I've ever experienced in my Life and I'm soooo very grateful I have a house to be safe in and I AM so aware that soooo many people have none of that and I do my very best to support them in every way I can and I have learned some very Powerful and sad lessons recently about how hugely important it is to be aware of the organizations that are asking for money and they are complete frauds. That is sooooo mindboggling to me that people would do that but they do .

As I go forward each moment each day I AM soooooo very grateful for all the friends I have and for the opportunities to be with them and to share and experience the Love and Laughter with them and the hugs and playful teasing and the Understanding and Compassion.

As we all go forward into 2022 it will be interesting to see what we experience and it will be interesting to see what kind of a learning curve we are on and to remember that it starts from within us not outside of us!!! That reminds me yet again of the exponential difference of living from power over or Power with and within us. When we remember and treasure who we are as Love Incarnate we never ever use power over as a strategy. We never ever bully anyone or hurt anyone. We cherish the Truth that we are Love Incarnate and we Love ourselves and each other. We may not always agree with them but we can listen respectfully and speak and act respectfully. That is how we honor the reality that we are all interconnected and we are here to share this world that we live in day to day. That reminds me of the Power of Generosity. It's mindboggling to me how many megabillionaires there are in the world and how many billions of people are living on $1.25 a day. I remember the first time I read that there were 4.3 billion people living on a $1.25 a day. I was shellshocked and even more determined to never complain about what is happening in my Life and to reach out as much as possible to help others.

Another aspect of Power with and Power within is to remember what a blessing it is to our Self and others to ask for help when we need it. In the fear based hate based world that is so prevalent we have been taught that asking for help is a sign of weakness. That is an absolute lie. Asking for help when we need it is a sign of our connectedness and a sign of our Love for our Self and others. It is how we build a world of Strength and Togetherness and Peace. That reminds me again of all the friends I have and all the times I have felt sooo vulnerable and the blessings and lessons I've received from allowing my vulnerability to be seen and shared. I grow in Peace and Faith and Confidence when I allow my vulnerability to show and others grow in Peace and Faith and Confidence to allow their vulnerability to show and that's how we build Friendship and Community and Togetherness and bring more and more Peace and Faith and Confidence into the world. I can't think of anything I would rather do than build our sense of Community and Togetherness. Playfully that brings a smile to my face as I realize my New Year resolution to keep building our sense of Community and Togetherness and Peace and Faith and Confidence. I look forward to seeing and sharing more and more of that world as we all go forward together into the Newness and Vitality of 2022. Bless us all as we live from our true Nature of Love and Peace and Confidence and Faith!!!! Happy New Year to us all!!!