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2020: Heretics & Heroes:
Part II of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's been cloudy and overcast for days and days now as we continue our adventure into this new decade but today I can see the brightness coming. Even though there is no visible sign of the Sun yet I can see the lightness coming. The snow is still on much of the ground but the roads are wonderful. In a playful and yet very Powerful way it tells me don't give much Power to the appearance of things. Just pay attention, stay centered and know that I can go forward and be and do all that I AM to be and do!!! This is a hugely Powerful spiritual discipline and reminder to be and do all I AM. It's the same reminder for all of us. We are all creations of the Infinite. We come from the Invisible to the Visible to bring our Gifts to the world that we are here to serve.

As I was listening for what to say this month I remembered a poem I wrote years ago titled "The Complementarity Of Opposites." It speaks to our Connectedness. No matter how different we may seem to be we all come from the same Place: Spirit!!!! We have different talents and abilities and challenges and yet we are always connected. What we do to others we do to ourselves!!!! This is a monumentally Powerful and important Truth. Another example of that Truth is the saying, "What goes around comes around." We are fooling ourselves if we think that our meanness and lack of consideration won't come back to haunt us. We are also missing the boat when we don't remember that our genuine acts of kindness and consideration will bless us in amazing ways!!! We are inextricably connected with all of Life. Our lesson is always to remember that we are Sacred and we are Holy. So many of us have grown up in horrendous circumstances and experienced unconscionable violence and yet so many of us have made it all the way through those experiences to live transformative lives of Peace and Grace.

I have shared many times that my single Purpose in Life is to "uplift, educate and inspire." This attitude has brought countless blessings into my Life and some fascinating challenges when I am trying to get people to connect with their innate Goodness. It takes so much Courage and Awareness when we are waking up to the fact that how we have believed and acted have not served our highest Good. We have come to the crossroads where we realize we must make different decisions. The challenge here is that people see that we are changing and they may not be comfortable with the changes because they see they must change too and they don't want to go down the road of the unknown even if it leads to as yet unknown Happiness!!!!

This brings me to a point I have shared time and again: the difference between Power within and Power with and power over!!! Power within and Power with both acknowledge and honor our Sacredness, our Wholeness, Our Holiness and our Connectedness. Power over is the patriarchal fear based hate based separation mentality that so many of us have grown up with and that is so dominant in the world today. This separation mentality is the basis of the racism, sexism and violence that we hear and see so often. From much of what I see today I feel the world is changing in amazing ways. It seems that so many young people are making enormously huge positive impacts on the world. They are strong, talented and courageous and doing wonderful work. Malala Yousefzai is one of these young people. She is the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. She was only 17 years old when she won this prize. There are many others of every age doing wonderful transformative work in the world.

A very, very important thing to remember is our acts of kindness don't have to be known worldwide to be important. Every act of kindness is transformative. An example I read about recently is about a waitress who was always extremely busy at the restaurant she worked at and yet always extremely kind and considerate and one day her actions were filmed unknown to her and then shared on Facebook and then received 2.2 million hits people were so inspired by her kindness. Kindness is Energy just as every act and thought and feeling is and it is magnetic and can be transformative or devastating. We all are the ones who determine the impact our thoughts, feelings and actions will have. That is why it is so very important to be Awake and Aware and Courageous and be willing to accept our blessings and answer our challenges!!! We are not meant to be here sleepwalking through Life. We are meant to be Vibrantly Alive and Awake and be the Blessings we are meant to be!!!

An example of our Connectedness is a saying I first heard from a very dear friend years ago, "There is a lesson and a blessing in every moment." I have shared numerous times that even people who have experienced horrendous violence were able to come through the experience and live lives of extraordinary Generosity and Courage. It doesn't in any way excuse the violence they experienced!!!! It simply and Powerfully points to the Power of Generosity and Courage to move forward and not to let that violence impact their lives in negative ways and diminish their Light.

As we all move forward together into this unfolding new decade it will be amazingly fascinating to see what new discoveries are made and to see how we continue to move forward together and keep focused on the Light and Love and Peace and Wisdom that is our true Nature. That reminds me of a story I read years ago about a woman who was experiencing cancer and how she decided to spend time laughing every day and in thirty days she was cured. Laughter is an exceedingly Powerful Force. It raises our endorphin levels and that uplifts our mood. That also reminds me of the Power of meditation and deep breathing which both allow us to calm down and reconnect our body and mind as one integrated unit so our Wholeness and Wellness can come forth in Perfect Peace and Order.

Everything I've said here reminds me that we are all exceedingly Powerful. We have the Power of Choice to make our lives what we want them to be. We can choose to serve the greater Good for ourselves and others or we can choose to remain asleep and separate and disconnected and to miss the extraordinary opportunity to be of service to ourselves and others in this Bright and Beautiful world. I choose to be Awake and Alive and to be of service to myself and others. I choose to honor my Connectedness with everything and everyone and honor boundaries and be respectful. Only when we honor our Wholeness are we Awake enough to honor boundaries!!!! This is the transformation that is Peace in the world!!!!!!!! This is the transformation that is so very needed now and always!!!!!!!!!!!