Newsletter March 2004 by Cathy Combs

Spring Forth........Take Courage By The Hand!!!

It is a sunny Christmas afternoon as I sit here writing this newsletter to share with you. I have often realized that I’m sowing seeds for the present and future as I share my thoughts and feelings in this format. Even though it is late December in many ways it feels and looks like a Spring day. It’s mild; the grass is somewhat green; the trees are partially greening, partially not!

As I imagine a Springlike March atmosphere I cannot help but wonder how many more graves we will dig for those we kill in Iraq; how many more lies we’ll believe by our government; how mute some of us will remain in the face of daunting challenges. I don’t wonder what keeps us silent. It’s fear! It’s unwillingness to get involved. It’s unwillingness to give up our seeming comfortableness as we choke to death on the lies and facelessness of our lives. I’m not by any means immune to those feelings. What moves me out of them is my willingness to look myself or someone else squarely in the face and answer the call that says, "Do something! Please!" I truly can’t listen to that voice any longer and not do something! It is called building the foundation of my life--- make a difference; that feels like the essence of Spring in so many ways. Be the little green shoot that undeniably pushes up through the cement and announces, "Here I am." This scenario reminds me of something I was reading recently about self-worth, feeling worthy. I think of the soldiers and their families who are so bravely speaking out against the war in Iraq. The government that is supposedly "of the people, for the people, by the people..." This is government at its best--- standing up to wrongdoing, demanding honesty, not standing idly by while hideous brutality continues, while people are detained without benefit of explanation, representation, fair trial. All of these activities remind me of that little green shoot that knows its own power and triumphs over every circumstance. We, too, are that little green shoot. The Spirit of our lives is calling to us at this vibrant time saying, "You are not alone." Speak up!!! Speak out so others can hear you; so others can join you!!!

It seems to me that this month is part of the gestation period for a brand new day. In 8 months we will have a chance to make our voices heard again. Prepare for this new day please by registering to vote. Lay a pattern in your soul that lets everybody know that you count! Lay a pattern in your soul that says, "I believe in due process. I believe in the power of the people." Lay a pattern in your soul that says, "I honorably put my cards on the table in all I think, say, and do." Build a brand new day for yourself and your world. Read something other than the "party line" news that ignores candidates like Dennis Kucinich and Carol Mosely Braun. Ask yourself why do you hear nothing about these candidates? Know that it’s not because they’re not capable!!! Far from it. All of this reminds me so clearly that there’s so much more to life than what is easily seen; so much more than what we’re being spoon fed! I want to know who’s holding the spoon? If it’s not me or someone I trust I don’t want it! Do you?

It is so very important to me to be brave, be compassionate, be worthy, be alive!... Have a heart, use my brain, use my voice. Spring is bursting forth with new life, with new vision. I treasure my new green shoots! I will be feeding them the ultimate gifts of courage, strength, compassion, love, and collaboration. We are not alone! The world is hungering for our selfless gift of caring------- and knowing that we matter!! We matter!

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