May Newsletter 2004 by Cathy Combs

"A New Day---A New Way"

As I move into the month in which I celebrate my birthday I would like to share some thoughts with you that came to me on January 7th of this year. I had a realization that day that amazed me. Instantaneously I saw the distinction between insanity and divinity. I once heard someone say that “crazy is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. In that same light I realized that crazy is “doing for another that which is theirs to do, whereas, divinity is doing that which is mine to do!” To be sure I’ve never thought of it that way before. This new insight is both freeing and challenging. There is no shadow now, no illusion of hiding in someone else’s drama when my life is so clearly outlined now. I so fully understand that if I will just make the effort like I have been, toward my goal, the way will be made clear. That day in January I had several demonstrations of that reality from completely unexpected and unknown channels until they happened. Einstein once said, “Chance favors the prepared mind.” What this really means to me is “as I prepare, the opportunity will be there.” It already is!!! By my attention and focus I will be ready to see it!!!

What I really love about these ideas is the simplicity. Simplicity, as Jesus so often spoke, is the key. Simplicity is such a great teacher. I don’t think it can be stressed too often how we take ourselves down the road of insanity instead of the less traveled road of our divinity. Divinity is simply living in the moment; in the present believing fully in our identity, our heritage of the family of Love Incarnate. It is a discipline and a willingness to see clearly--- all the way to the essence of Love that we so often miss because we don’t, or won’t, look within and accept the message of the still small voice that we have muted by our indifference! Indifference is even more powerful than outright negativity or neglect! Did you know that? Child Development research has proven that!

Over the course of my life I have moved much closer to the realization of, and appreciation of, my divinity and released much of what can be defined as “insanity”. What I mean by that is I truly realize and accept that my life, and all life, is meant to be joyful so I consciously let go of all self-defeating thoughts and behavior patterns. I now fully accept the responsibility for being all that I am meant to be! I know I’ll make mistakes. I know I can start again. The “mistake” isn’t the key. Starting again is the key! Letting go of all excess baggage so I can truly embrace the moment is the key. It’s a daily discipline, to be sure. The world of appearances, the world of a misunderstood duality that we put so much faith in, is all too ready to cast a shadow of doubt and fear upon us if we court it by our attention to it rather than to our goal, our true Nature, our Divinity, our true essence. One thing I have come to firmly believe in the course of my life is we are all different for a very precious reason. We all have a unique destiny. We all have unique gifts to hone and to share. I am not meant to live someone else’s life. I am not meant to discredit or minimize my life. I am meant to live my life to the fullest. Only then will the way be open to me to step into the fullness of joy, peace, strength, and healing that is ready. That destiny awaits us all. We simply have to say, “OK, I’m ready!” To that I say, “OK, I’m ready. Thank you!!! Thank you so very much, Spirit of Love!!!”

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