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2021: Heretics & Heroes:
Part V of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a gorgeous sunny warm day as I sit here sharing my thoughts, words and feelings with you. May is a very special month for me for many reasons: May 11 is the 8 year anniversary of mom's death, May 21 is the 11 year anniversary of my first book being published, and May 31st is my birthday. These events symbolize the highest and lowest feelings of my human experience. The present moment also expresses the highest and lowest moments in my human experience. There is sooooo much Love being expressed in the world today and sooooo much fear and hatred and it's soooooo emotional in every sense of the word. I've been moved to tears sooo many times in the last few days listening to soooo many beautiful stories and shocked out of my wits by sooooo many violent hate based stories. It means everything to me to be Kind and Compassionate and Understanding.

I'm sooooooo grateful that my spiritual community will be meeting in person in May for the first time in over a year. I feel that part of my tearfulness is the relief of getting to see my friends again and it feels like a very special way to celebrate my birthday every day.

No matter what is happening every moment is an opportunity to express the highest and holiest Beingness of who we are as Spirit Incarnate. I've said that a zillion times in sooooo many ways and it is sooooo very important that we all come to the Understanding that that is what we are here for in every moment. We are meant to be Blessings to ourselves and each other!!! We are meant to be Peace in the world. We are meant to be Love in the world. We are meant to shine the Light and Love that we are!!!!

In order to do that we have to acknowledge and release the separation based lies that we have taken in as our false identity and we have to acknowledge and open up to the Vibrant Truth of who we are as God Expressing in the world!!!! When we open ourselves to that adventure we transform ourselves and everything and everyone around us. That again is who we are here to be and what we are here for now and always. Living from that perspective makes every moment the Beauty it is meant to be!!!

As I go forward in 2021 I want to be open and receptive to each moment as it is and be open and receptive to the lessons and blessings that are mine to live and to share. I know it's going to be quite a ride as it always has been and I'm ready, willing and able to be the best I AM and to do the best I can in each moment.

One thing that has been particularly sweet in this last year of such pandemic induced isolation is the number of times people I don't even know have commented on how nice it is to see my sweet smile and how many times people have been sooooo kind and generous in soooo many unexpected ways. I'm soooo very grateful that Life is soooo full of sooooo many blessing of very kind. It brings sooooo much Joy and Well Being into expression and means soooo very much to me.

As we all go forward together in 2021 may we all have the Confidence, Faith and Courage to be the best we can be and to be the Light and Love we are meant to be. There are sooooo many opportunities available to us all as we are open and receptive to loving ourselves and healing ourselves and forgiving ourselves. It is quite a journey that is for sure and I AM certainly dedicated to being all that I AM now and always. As I playfully say to some of my buddies it's easier that way!!! It makes Life soooo much easier when we are willing to be Loving and Kind to ourselves and each other. We are amazing healing agents when we are willing to do that for ourselves and each other.

Something else that is always soooo amazing to me is how transformative Kindness is. Time and again I have experienced a moment of Kindness and it feels soooooo HUGE in its Power!!!!! That's the very Nature of Kindness. It is Love in Action and Love is Power!!!! That is our True Nature and when we tap into that Truth consciously nothing is impossible and that is how we transform the world and bring forth the Peace that is meant to be!!!!!

Playfully another thing that is so transformative is Patience. There are so many lessons to learn in big and small ways and I AM certainly learning some this very moment so it is quite a ride to smile and be open and receptive and enjoy the ride. Whenever I AM willing and able to do that the blessings and benefits are always huge!!!! It works the same way for all of us because we are all One in Spirit. We are all here together and the better we learn that lesson and blessing the better off we all are for it now and always. Even as I wrote that I realized like never before that lessons and blessings are not separate entities. Every lesson is a blessing and every blessing is a lesson. I really love knowing that Truth because it dissolves the negative judgments I might make in any moment and that is what makes Life sooooooo much easier!!!!! I have to laugh at knowing that unexpected Truth and Blessing and I AM soooo very grateful!!!!!

As I bring this sharing to a close I will say again how very grateful I AM for all the blessings and lessons in my Life. I know that every moment is meant to bring me into a higher and higher Expression of all that I AM meant to be in this Life Experience and I will go forward in the Spirit of Love and Faith and Confidence that I Love so very much and I wish us all the very best in every moment as we go forward into this unfolding year to be and do all that we are meant to be and do. Bless us all and thank you very much for being with me on this ride as we go forward!!!!!