June Newsletter 2004 by Cathy Combs

"Peace On Earth~Good Will To All"

Peace on Earth~Good will to all!!! The immensity of that concept is very clear to me. What is needed to bring that about?? Transformation and incorporation. Transform “enemy” to friends not yet met, not yet understood, not yet valued. Incorporate “enemy” to self not yet met, not yet understood, not yet valued. Transform “other” to self not yet met, not yet understood, not yet valued. Incorporate “other” into beloved!!!! Now start again. What are my considerations as to how I will vow to live my life? Will I extend love and compassion and understanding or will I not? Will I choose to transform my small minded inner and outer worldview or will I not? Will I free my life or will I continue to knot up my life in a ball of confusion, anger, estrangement and fear? Do I not yet know the choice is mine, and mine alone, to make? And when I make my choice to transform my life do I not yet know I join my life with a whole unseen world working toward that same end? As I consider these very real questions it is so very important to me to continue to extend my world to all the unknown edges and galaxies so that I can embody the joy, peace, and love I know is within me and all around me.

As we move into June, and move toward the celebration of the Summer Solstice, the day that celebrates the Sun at it’s highest and hottest point in the sky of our Western hemisphere, when the Sun seems to stand still in the sky, I would like to consider an issue that is one of the hottest issues of our time. I would like to shine some light on the issue of the definition of marriage, and the civil and religious questions that are being considered. It seems that in yet another arena we have come to a time when we are looking squarely at the fundamental clash between “this is the way it’s always been” and “this is simply not acceptable any more”. We are once again at the point of “there is only one right way” vs. “there is room for everyone under the same tent”. We are at a point where we are face to face, and hopefully heart to heart, with the vitalizing reality that “separate but equal” is a corrosive lie that eats away at the very heart and body of our lives together. Socially, spiritually, legally we are expressing the same tension that is felt in the celestial atmosphere when the Sun seems to be standing still in the sky. We are experiencing the dynamic tension between “stay the same” and “move forward”. We are experiencing the tension of “re-specting”, looking anew, at an issue that truly expresses the very fabric of our humanity and our divinity. This tension reminds me that if we do not incorporate some flexibility into our worldview our literal and figurative Earth will quake and we will be torn asunder by our rigidity and our fear-filled hatefulness and judgmentalness. We will be consumed by the scathing heat of the day instead of transformed by the warmth of our love and compassion.

I fully realize it is difficult to look at assumptions that we’ve built our lives on thus far. It seems frightening to reconfigure our lives and open to love and wisdom rather than close down on ourselves and others with judgment and condemnation thinking that that will keep us safe. When I am considering how I want to live my life I look to my heart rather than any book of wisdom, law, history or allegory. I ask myself what kind of world would I want to live in and I go about creating it as peacefully, lovingly, and cooperatively as I can. I realize that I change over time. The world I live in changes over time. The values I hold change over time as my understanding and compassion grow. In every sense of the word I believe the world is moving forward into wholeheartedly embracing a partnership model rather than a domination model. I believe we are moving forward in embracing and cherishing our responsibility to protect the rights of all of the minorities. We are growing beyond the notion that any minorities rights are “special” rights. We are growing into the full blown understanding of our intrinsic connectedness, and the enlightened understanding of what we do to one we do to ourselves!

As the light of the June Sun shines upon us I look forward and move forward in the world I want to live in each day. I shine the light of love, peace, faith, and understanding upon all that I think, say, and do. I wholeheartedly put my efforts into growing the expansive loving heart that will transform any fear I have. I wholeheartedly put my efforts into being peace where there is none; being love where there is none, being hope where there is none. I invite you all to join me in this transformative journey as the light of a new day shines upon us all!!!!!! Blessings of this new day upon you.

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