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A Brand New Life - June 2010

by Cathy Combs


I have just entered a brand new life. Astrologically, I have entered a 12 year as of my May 31st birthday. A 12 year symbolizes seeing Life from a brand new perspective. My first book was just delivered to my doorstep 10 days ago. I will be touring the country, writing, speaking, teaching, living my dream to its highest level.

As I contemplate the unfoldment of this lifelong dream, now a full blown reality, I realize the amazing Power and necessity of staying focused in the moment, reveling in the Joy of the Presence of Being.

Healing for self and others comes from reveling in the Presence of Being, not from languishing in pain. Life comes from Presence of Being, not from languishing in pain. All through my book, "Quantum Prayer: It's Already Answered! Quantum Reality: It Already Exists!", I talk about the necessity of realizing the Power of living Life from the inside out. It is imperative to realize that Life owes us nothing!!!!! Life has already given us everything!!!!!! Life is within us. We are Life Itself.

The mentality of entitlement that so permeates our culture is a deathtrap. Entitlement is a form of depression that says, "I don't believe I can do it for myself, therefore, I demand it from you while I do nothing but resent what I think I don't have."

As I live more and more from Oneness I've been reveling in Buddha's concept of the Middle Path. There is a third road beyond duality. It is the road of Wholeness! Oneness! It is the road of Conscious Oneness as the All In All!!! Reveling in each moment, as is, realizing we are on the road. We are the road itself!!! Enjoy the walk!!! Look around. See the Beauty!!! See God everywhere. In every one. Every thing!!! It's really all there is!!!

A Life-giving thought that just occurred to me is that when I look around, rather than seeing pain, see the person. Truly know they are capable. See their God Self. Focus on Presence! Not Absence! They have a journey to fulfill. I have a journey to fulfill. Be the Light I AM. Do what is mine to do. Be clear about what that is. Taking on someone else's journey is not helpful to me, nor to them. Be the Light I AM. They will remember their own Light in their own time, not mine.

Remembering that we are Joy Incarnate means remembering that we are Life Itself. We are the All In All. We are a flowing current of endless Consciousness. We don't need to fear the Unknown. There is no Unknown in the present moment. Keep breathing. Keep knowing. Stay present. Remember the Presence we are!!!

We don't need to fear problems. We need a new perspective. A problem is asking us to remember the Creative Essence we are. A problem is simply an unrecognized friend asking us, inviting us, up to a higher level of Embodied Consciousness. Invoking that process changes our perspective entirely. Invoking that process allows room for the already present answer!!! I come back to that fascinating lesson time and time again!!!

As I consider that new reality I feel the Presence of some of my favorite friends: Generosity! Wisdom! Peace! Ease! Confidence! Joy! Faith! Life Itself!

As I was sitting with these feelings I was mindful of the healing power of touch. Touch literally keeps us in touch with Life Itself. If we get lost in what we think is the fast pace of Life we forget to let Life touch us, literally and figuratively.

It is a necessity that Life touch us!!! Otherwise, we are brittle. We are consumed by fear. We are lifeless. We are Life "less." I couldn't resist that very real play on words.

As I travel I know I will have all kinds of new opportunities to meet new people, see new places, revel in Beauty I've never seen before, and grow in countless ways. I will have all kinds of opportunities to be touched by Life and to touch Life Itself.

As I sit here writing this newsletter I just received the call that said my books will be arriving shortly. I can't help but smile when I consider seeing what a Lifetime of work looks like. It took me three years to complete the process: writing, reviewing, rewriting, finding out all the "how to" details of printing, layout/design, ISBNs, bar codes. Now it's done and sitting in front of me and I begin a new set of details: book signings, calling bookstores, scheduling, distributing, travelling. YES!!!!!! I say YES to Life!!!!!

As we move toward Summer what new Life are you embarking on? What do you have your sights on? What new Life, what new Beauty do you want to bring into your world? You are an extraordinary Gift. You have an extraordinary Gift to share with the world.

If that is a brand new awareness sit with it for a moment, will you? Allow the preciousness of that very real Truth to touch you to the core of your being. Feel that Truth in your bones. Allow Life to touch you in a brand new way so you can expand out into the Radiance You are!!! Seek out the philosophies, the people, the places who remind you of your preciousness. They're everywhere. Please be willing to see them!!!!

We are the ones we've been waiting for!!! Life Itself calls us into being. Now is the time! Here is the place!!! That is the Call to Consciousness!!! Do you hear It?

I truly love that Call to Consciousness. It's so affirming. It's so natural. That's why Life is so precious to me. It's so natural!!!! It is our very Nature!!!

If that is a brand new awareness for you please take a new look at your assumptions about yourself and your Life. I did recently and I'm glad I did. It's surprising how subtle a disconnect can be and yet how profound the consequences are.

As I've said so very often: It is a precious matter of consequence. I invite you to revel in your preciousness in a brand new way. It's a wonderful journey. You change your Life in the process. You change the whole world. Be the change you wish to see in the world!!