August Newsletter 2004 by Cathy Combs

Smokin’ Hot~~ Love Is Presence!

Is it fair to say that KC is most characteristically smokin’ hot in August? I can rather blithely, playfully ask that question only because I am fortunate enough to live in an air conditioned house, or I can choose to use the attic fan or ceiling fans. I am not homeless. I do not live under a bridge. I do not live in desperate poverty like so many millions do!

There is another kind of weather that concerns me too in my KC metro area. What about the emotional climate that we can so readily allow to go ballistic on these hot and humid days and nights? What about the climate of domestic violence that goes unrecognized and unchecked in so many millions of homes? Does a day, or even 10 minutes, go by without hearing that so and so shot so and so literally because “they looked at me the wrong way”, or “they cut me off in traffic”, or “just because they wanted something that wasn’t theirs”? Can you imagine? Even though I hear about incidents every day it never gets commonplace. The moment it does I know I will have checked out of life! Any kind of violence is never commonplace to me! Any kind of thoughtlessness at all is never commonplace to me! In this hot, sun-baked month I am keenly reminded every day of what physical and emotional measures I need to take to stay physically and emotionally hydrated and cooled off. I can’t help but wonder about the impact of our bodies and even our brains being hotter in the summer. I know the domestic violence rates go up. Violence of all kinds goes up. Of course, I realize that we are not irrevocably controlled by our circumstances! We do have free will! We have integrity and common sense to guide us. There isn’t a static amount available. I can choose to grow or I can choose to abandon my responsibility, my “response-ability”.

This whole process reminds me of the age old debate about nature vs. nurture. I can’t even imagine living my life from the viewpoint of “I am a victim of circumstance”. That mindset embodies so many soul-killing red flags. That mindset speaks to me of a disembodied spirit. It speaks to me of someone who has long forgotten that they are precious. Do you know anyone like that? I truly hope not, but if you do what can you do? You can do a lot! You know that, don’t you? I hope so!

I can think of so many times when I felt like I desperately needed to hear the words, “I love you” or “you’re really great”. I can wait forever or I can tell myself those very precious words. I do not underestimate the power of that process! I truly don’t. I know the power of that process. I know that as I do that I fortify myself for the road of life so I can give and receive that very precious love. They say, “Charity begins at home!" I truly believe that. As I wholeheartedly give my love to myself I have more to share with Mother Earth’s creation, my sisters and brothers in Spirit. My true nature is Love and as I nurture myself from that boundless fountain I literally anchor myself in an embodied presence of Love! I call that my life purpose! I call that my promise~~ meaning both my pledge and my lived potential. Blessings of this August pledge and promise to you!

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