September Newsletter 2004 by Cathy Combs

September Morn~~September Mourn!!!

I heard something from a friend recently that intrigued me no end! I heard that the yogi saints in India are dying of throat cancer because they spend so much time out of their bodies. My friend further explained that the yogi saints spend so much time not breathing that this connection in their throat gets stuck and then closed. The connection I made to this scenario is that our throat is our connection to the breath of life. I also realized in another sense how this scenario shows me yet again the essential importance of balance in our lives. I believe our bodies are sacred. In our human experience I take that to mean we are meant to live joyfully present in our bodies, not outside of them!!! We are not to deny our bodies! We are to cherish them, to embrace them! As we move into this month of September where we once again celebrate the balance between dark and light, light and dark, may we also remember the essential balance between celebration and mourning, the natural ebb and flow of life and death, the ebb and flow of the natural cycles in all of their expressions. May we celebrate our relationship with wholeness, rather than focus on our fear, our separateness.

In sharing these ideas I would like to make it very clear that I deeply love many aspects of Eastern mysticism. The practice of living what I call a walking meditation is very central to how I live my life. I did not know until I heard this statement from my friend recently that the yogis were dying of throat cancer so this new thought has given me much to think about as I continue my embodied journey through life. My understanding of Eastern mysticism is that through the practice of asceticism there is a denial of the body, perhaps a laying down of the body to focus on Spirit. This sounds like a separation from Spirit. I believe the body is Spirit in manifestation. That is not the belief that I was taught as a child. It is the belief that I cherish as an adult. What this new information means to me is that no matter who I am, because I live in a physical body, I am going to die someday. My purpose, as I understand it today, is to live joyfully, fully, in each moment, in a body that I cherish, in a body that I love and care for with all my heart and soul. I accept the “response-ability” to step into my destiny, to fulfill my destiny, to live a fully empowered life. I live a walking meditation as I look squarely at who I am, as I look squarely at my fears and my yet unfulfilled dreams. I keep walking in the direction that my hopes and dreams take me and I trust that “my faith is sufficient unto the day” because I live in a benificent Universe. Despite all the “craziness” that seems to be going on in people’s lives I look deeply into the Heart of Love that I am and that we all are and I call forth that Essence in me and others so that our destiny of love and peace and a cherished understanding can be fulfilled.

September celebrates my favorite season of the year. I love the changing colors, the cool/warm breezes. As we move toward the Fall Equinox, that time of equal night, equal day, may we embrace a sense of balance in our inner/outer lives, may we embrace a vision of our wholeness, our essence as Spirit’s Beloved, so that we may see with eyes and hearts of love and peace, joy and understanding. May we accept each “setback” as simply an important and necessary step on our journey. May we accept each “victory” as an important and necessary step. May we live with a purity of heart that brings us joy!

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