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Yes I AM: I Walk This Way!!! - September 2010

by Cathy Combs


This title is an intentional double entendre. I love the month of September for many reasons. September 3rd is a day I celebrate every year. This year is the 36th anniversary of the day I threw my braces away. It is the day I officially decided nobody defines my Life but me!!! Every time I hear the song "Walk This Way" I laugh. I think to myself, "Yes, I sure do." This year in particular I specifically honor my Life as is!!!! I love my Self like never before and I love my Life. I am living the Life of my dreams and I fully recognize what an inspiration I am to others. There can be no greater Gift in all the Universe.

September is also the month I celebrate the Fall Equinox with all others who hold this day as sacred and holy. The Fall Equinox signifies the time of equal night equal day in our annual Earth cycle. It is the 2nd festival celebrating the blessings of the agricultural growing season acknowledging Mother Nature's bounty. The Fall Equinox is also a celebration of the gradual waning of the Sun as we move toward the more contemplative inner time of year. It is a time of great colorful seasonal Beauty in the Midwest.

My other meaning for "Yes I AM: I Walk This Way" is I walk from and into the highest holiest Truth I know in each moment. It means everything to me to walk my talk. Integrity means everything to me. Gentleness means everything to me. Faith means everything to me. Confidence means everything to me. Strength means everything to me. These are some of the many many treasured cornerstones of my Life. These spiritual faculties and intentions flow inseparably from and through each other.

I am so very grateful that I've always understood that Life is an "inside out" process. This innate intuitive embodied Understanding has made all the difference in my Life. It is an attitude that I have always actively cultivated as well. I just heard a great story today from Rev. Mary Morrissey's "Miracle Minute" about one of my favorite people in all the Universe and how he also embodied this Truth. Dr. Leo Buscaglia, a professor at USC in the late 60s, convinced the university to offer a class on love. The first semester this class was offered 40 students signed up. The second semester 100 students signed up. The third semester 1,000 students tried to get into the class. How's that for proof positive of the efficacy of this wonderful man's understanding of what is important? He was talking about the absolute necessity of loving ourselves.

I had the great, great honor and privilege of meeting this man in the 80s when he came to Unity Village. By this time he was known as "Dr. Love" because he so embodied the Principle and Presence of Love. He explained that it was always his practice to hug everyone who wanted to be hugged at any one of his presentations. There were hundreds of people there that day. We stood in line for hours waiting to be hugged by this man. I remember the moment I was standing in front of him like it was yesterday. The Energy was electric. It was like looking into the eyes of Infinity. We stood there for a moment taking in each other's Presence and then just smiled from ear to ear and hugged each other. I felt like we saw to the depths of each other's Soul.

I'm detailing this experience because it's just one example of the billions of choices we have about how intentional do we want our lives to be. How conscious do we want to be about the impact we have on ourselves and others? I'm very intentional about the kind of Life I want to live. I'm very intentional about the Presence I AM.

Here's one way I use this Principle. I love the saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." This saying embodies my Understanding that we are always calling ourselves up higher and higher into a greater and greater practice and Presence of who we already and always are. It is so exponentially important to understand that we are not ever being punished by Life. I understand that we are simply being instructed by Life to wake up to the Presence we are. We are calling ourselves to awaken our faculties of Faith, Tenacity and Joy to name just a few of the limitless spiritual faculties within us all. When we respond in bitterness and resentment we have missed our calling. We have answered from a mistaken Identity of "less than", "not enough".... Just a few of the names for our unconscious belief in separation and fear.

As we move toward the contemplative season what qualities of Life do we want to expand and express from? What false ceiling of success do we want to remove and bump ourselves way upward remembering we are Limitless? I saw a movie recently that made it jawdroppingly clear how all of Life is Choice. I saw Louise Hay's autobiographical movie, "You Can Heal Your Life." She shared her experiences of being repeatedly raped throughout her childhood and how she left home at 15 to escape the abuse. She said she had no skills. It's certainly clear she has an indomitable will. She shared how she "gave herself cancer." She said, "Is it any surprise that I had vaginal cancer?" She spoke of the forgiveness work she did when she discovered the lives of abuse her parents had experienced. She healed herself of cancer. She is now 80+ years of age and has declared that her "8th decade will be her best ever." She has long since owned her own international publishing house. That's the Presence this amazing woman is!!!

Living from Love we understand Life is an "inside out" process. Life reminds us in profound ways it's up to us to develop our talents, to look within for solutions. Success is not in the outer, it's in the inner. Who are we within? We are heroes on a Soul journey.

Before this month ends I will have made a Choice of the highest order. I will certainly have removed any false ceiling I ever thought I might have had for success. As I contemplated this decision I realized the Confidence it takes to make a decision of this magnitude. I look forward to the journey as it unfolds as I step forward continuously into the highest holiest happiest Life I can imagine. I look forward to sharing the unfoldment of this very intentional process with you.

I ask you to consider for yourself what Gift do you want to be for the world? Whatever you imagine it most definitely can and will happen as you hold your intention calmly and confidently in your sights. Allow room for every moment, every happening to be the blessing it's meant to be. Step forward in Faith, Confidence, and Assurance. The staircase will unfold itself as needed. It's already there. I promise you that!!! I'm living that Truth now!!! It's fun. It's a Joy. It's a process. Namaste. Blessings of Abundance to you!!!