Newsletter January 2005 by Cathy Combs

Tally Ho!!!!!! A New Beginning

As we step into this new Julian calendar year I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my personal next step in our humanity’s spiritual evolution is to keep my heart and mind, body and soul focused on the immensely important continuing unfoldment of the Cultural Creative movement as one of the vehicles for bringing a global peace and harmony and understanding into expression in every level of our collective worldview. This movement speaks to the heart of who I am as a private and public, personal and professional individual. I am profoundly encouraged knowing that there are multiple millions of people all over the world working together collectively, living the value that love is the answer to all of our deeply felt hurts. In our evolving evolution as spiritual human beings our prevailing opinion seems to have been to put the emphasis on fear; put the emphasis on believing that Divinity is outside of us; put the emphasis on the necessity of keeping us cut off from stunningly beautiful similarities; put the emphasis on valuing war as the only alternative to keeping control over our fears. I personally have never seen how any of that is working very well for any of us; even for those who fanatically, fearfully hold to that view as the only option.

In my Psychology class that I’ve been teaching this semester at one of our community college systems I came upon an interesting analysis of how we function politically as humans in our explanations of ourselves and each other. Political conservatives tend to make dispositional attributions as to why people function the way they do. Political liberals tend to make situational attributions as to why people function the way they do. What that means is that conservatives attribute a person’s actions and circumstances to their inner qualities; conservatives make attributions like “pull yourselves up by your bootstraps” and they disregard the social influences of a sick, prejudiced, fear-based society and the “glass ceilings” put in place to keep people down. Political liberals acknowledge the enormous impact of society’s laws, policies, attitudes and stereotypes that keep oppression in place. As an educator and mental health professional I am passionately dedicated to getting beyond all the labels of any kind, to the heart and soul of who we are as individuals and as a collective society so that we can work together to heal all of the individual and social ills that are in the way of us all demonstrating the amazing, beautiful, underlying, everpresent, enormous power we have to heal and to love ourselves and each other. Specifically, my personal, professional, spiritual, political goals are to continue to work toward changing the laws that infringe on individual liberty, continue to empower people so that they have the courage to leave domestic violence situations, or better yet to never get into these situations in the first place as perpetrators or victims; continue to advance the deeply held value that the Earth is sacred and that we have a sacred trust to protect Her from the shortsighted, monied interests who seek to destroy Her for their own personal gain without even realizing they are destroying the very environment which sustains their human existence. I lovingly hold all these goals in heart and mind, body and soul as I step forward with you into this year of peace and promise. I acknowledge the Divine in you as we live together in a new spirit of peace and respect!!!

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