Newsletter Janurary 2007 by Cathy Combs

Self-Empowerment: The Same But Different

Daylight is getting longer again. My perspective is growing and deepening along with it. I have just watched the movie, “The Secret”, for the second time. It’s a stunningly powerful movie filled with spiritual principles that embody the heart and soul of my life. I will be watching it again and again. More importantly I am embodying the principles more and more each day! The movie’s message is “We can have what we want! The Universe conspires with us to give us exactly what we ask for!” “Con-spires” means “breathes with”. I’m learning huge messages about generosity, faith, gratitude and flexibility. The lessons are a paradox of awe-inspiring and very painful. One message I hear is that our desires are Spirit-led! Honoring our desires means we are willing to be Spirit-led. We are willing to put Its guidance in motion. We are willing to be visible to ourselves and others! It means honoring our talents and abilities. Do what brings us joy. Serve others and do good in the world. We’re meant to shine our light brightly in the world to bring joy and healing wherever we go! Not shining makes us sick! Not shining is unnatural! I understand being sick as Spirit’s way of saying to me, “Please tune into your life. Honor My Love for you! Connect with Me so you can be your best.”

As I go about creating the life I want to live I can’t help knowing that 70% of the world lives on less than $2/day, as quoted in the magazine, “Population Connection”. Facts like this keep me mindful of the level of generosity I want to express in my life. It’s not enough to realize that I’m already generous. I haven’t remotely reached the level of generosity I want to express in my life. Generosity embodies huge trust! Generosity is more than money! Generosity is a magnanimous attitude toward all of life each moment. Generosity embodies the attitude of the spiritual masters! That’s what I want to embody! Paradoxically, I am mindful that 80% of the world’s wealth is controlled by six families! That’s not a misprint. I am crystal clear how money can be used to control! I am crystal clear our choice is Love or fear! My view is money is spiritual substance to share, to circulate, to do good, to keep the flow going!

Generosity and self-empowerment are linked! Loving ourselves and others is an attitude of generosity. Self-empowerment is generosity in action. Self-empowerment is the message I see in “The Secret”. Underneath the more visible message of “we can have what we want”, knowing how our thoughts and feelings “con-spire” with us to create the world we live in day by day is an empowering process! It’s not about blame or judgment! It’s about awareness. It’s about developing the Observer Self so we can see ourselves in action and change course midstride. It’s about developing flexibility, a sense of humor and a sense of community. It’s so important to be lighthearted and not pick ourselves apart in this growing process. Life is supposed to be joyful and empowering! I am reminded of the last line in the Mastermind Prayer process, “I go forth expressing as the spirit of joy, trust and enthusiasm that I am, and I give thanks.” When I read that line today my eyes lit up. I recognized that attitude is the very core of the Spirit-led life. I understand that these lessons are circular, like peeling an onion. When I focus on joy, trust, and enthusiasm all burdens fall away! In the now there is only joy and peace!

Dr. Marshall Rosenberg speaks of “passive violence” in his book, “Nonviolent Communication.” The endless judgments we make erupt into active violence. We cannot judge and expect that hostility to go unnoticed in the spirit of our lives! Our thoughts, feelings and actions form a self-fulfilling feedback loop! Our inner life outpictures in our outer life! To be joyously alive and alert we must be actively conscious. We cannot wallow in victim states of consciousness wondering why life passes us by or treats us unfairly! Our life is governed by spiritual laws of the Universe. The secret of life as told in the movie, “The Secret”, is the Law of Attraction. Our life outpictures exactly as we create it to be! That’s another overwhelming and empowering paradox. The movie details very clearly that our thoughts are powerful, and yet the real key is the feelings attached to our thoughts! Whatever we passionately feel and repeat over and over again manifests. The producers give the example of how unconsciously focusing anger and frustration on debt produces even more debt! What we focus on manifests! The producers make the point: if we want more prosperity give thanks for what we have! Gratitude is a powerful magnet for good! I had an experience recently that let me know very clearly I am learning about a new level of gratitude. My water heater broke last month. I had to wash my hair in cold tap water. The water was so cold it made my head hurt. I have a new level of appreciation for the luxury of hot running water! It’s a luxury; not a given!

Generosity and self-empowerment are the bedrock of my life. As we give so shall we receive! There’s no need for poverty of any kind in this world! I wholeheartedly agree with what Rev. Edwene Gaines says about poverty in her book, “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity”. Her idea is there is far more than enough food to feed everyone on the planet. We haven’t yet made a commitment to distriibution! My words for this process are we do not yet understand and embody the spiritual principle: sharing doubles what we have! It seems counterintuitive! It’s not! It’s the Truth! Whatever we share is always immeasurably increased. Two friends of mine are returning soon from their year in South Africa where they have been helping the children who have been orphaned by the AIDS pandemic. I can’t wait to hear what they have learned! I know that when we share the gift of our heart we touch all of life! We are immeasurably enriched in return!

What I know with all my heart is that when I approach life with an understanding heart “all else is added” unto my life. When I embody “my faith is sufficient unto the day” and “all things are working together for my good and I am working with them in the Love, Wisdom, and Power of Spirit” all else is added! Why? Because it’s already here in Spirit! Aligning with that Truth brings it into physical form. The Law of Love, the Law of Mind Action, the Law of Attraction are all inextricably linked. As the genie says in the movie, “Your wish is my command.” We are one with the Universe! We are one with the Activating Principle of all life! Whatever we ask in faith is exactly what we get! It’s an immutable law of the Universe! Love and respect to you, Universe! Love and respect to you, dear fellow travelers! May we all enjoy the journey as we embark on this new year. May we be the change we wish to see in our world. May we fully embody Divine Love. May we truly express the gifts of generosity and self-empowerment with all our heart. May we share our joy with an unbounded Love! May we create a new vibrant world of Love, Peace, Joy and Understanding! Namaste to us all! Pax tibi! Peace be with you!

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