October Newsletter 2004 by Cathy Combs

Comin' Full Circle

Here we are again approaching another Wiccan New Year. Can you remember what you were doing a year and a day ago? Can you envision what you want to accomplish in this upcoming year? In the Earth-Based sense we have harvested our last agricultural harvest for this year. Now we are preparing to send our roots deep down into the Earth to prepare ourselves for the next round of growth in our lives. Will we contribute to peace on Earth or will we contribute to the cycle of fear and violence? As you ponder that very real question can you envision how you will change your life to allow room for love and peace and understanding? Can you see how long you’ll be waiting if you’re waiting for the other person to change first? I can tell you quite clearly it will be an interminably long wait! I can tell you quite clearly you are in bondage as you begrudgingly, passively wait! The weight is unbearable, isn’t it???

A year ago today I was four months into my journey of planting the seeds of my new career of writing, speaking, teaching---doing what I love to do, to do all I can to bring forth more love, peace, strength and power into the world as I know it. It’s quite an amazing journey. Sometimes I can’t say that I see the fruits of my labor. Sometimes I can clearly say I do! Above all else I know my efforts pay dividends in told and untold ways. My job is to keep going. Live by my mantra, “My faith is sufficient unto the day.” Just like the little green shoot we may not see the growth day to day but a three month, or even one week, perspective tells us quite clearly, “Don’t worry about me. Just feed me. I’m doing my work.” That’s the story of faith too; use it or lose it. Don’t keep digging up my roots. Just water me and love me. I’ll do the rest.

As we enter this month I am ever mindful of our political possibilities. Will we have four more years of hell or will we have elected someone with a commitment to rebuilding our coalitions with our universal neighbors? No matter who is president we still have the “response-ability” to build a worldview based on peace and collaboration. By keeping our “eyes on the prize” we will strengthen our commitment and our resolve without bitterness, without fear, without the self-defeating pessimism that can and will derail every best effort. Rather, by focusing on the joy of community we will keep the flame of love and hope and peace burning brightly! Best wishes to us all this New Year! Our roots are firmly grounded in a hope-filled vision! Shalom!

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