October Newsletter 2005

by Cathy Combs

It is Time For Receptivity

Here we are in the beautiful month of October; the Fall, my favorite time of year; the month in which the Earth-Based traditions celebrate Samhain, the last harvest festival in the agricultural growing season. To me in these modern times this feast day means it is time to honor the vitalizing necessity of balance. There is a time for inner action. There is a time for outer action. There is a time for receptivity. There is a time for giving. There is a time for celebration. There is a time for contemplation. In all of these wondrous cycles there is a time for every purpose under the Moon and Sun.

As I look back over 2005 completed thus far it’s been a time of amazingly awesome blessings and learnings, many of which are at such a level of generosity they confirm for all time my trust in the generosity of the Universe. One of my most precious learnings is the stunningly dynamic power of Self Love. As a young adult many years ago I made the conscious decision to release all fear, step fully into my life and be the very best I could be! Every day, every year since then has shown me in one way or another how much good comes into my life as I continue to grow in my understanding and trust of the profound goodness of the Universe. I keep learning over and over the Universe is impartial. It operates according to Universal Law; what I put out is what I get back. It’s not a punishment. It’s simply the Universal Law of Mind Action at work. What is clearer to me than ever is my life is a choice! If I put out Love I get back Love. When it seems that I don’t get back good for good I remember the underlying Good is still there! I truly believe the Universe wants only good for us. I believe the Law is impartial. I believe the Law is Love! I also believe it is a sentient process. We are sentient beings. The Law that governs us is sentient too. What I understand clearer than ever is our choice between Oneness and Separation. Oneness is Heaven on Earth. Separation is Hell on Earth. It is very clear to me what I want reflected back to me! By my receptivity to Oneness I have said yes to the awesome spiritual gifts of Love, Joy, Peace! By Separation I have said yes to Self-hatred, agony, meanness, violence of all sorts. Again I say nobody spiritually conscious chooses to live in, and cultivate, a consciousness of Separation. I said to a new friend today it is agonizing to watch people live their lives in a strangulating self-hatred. I don’t want any of that in my life. I want a life based on equality, respect, loving kindness. It’s astonishing how bountiful Life wishes to be for us. I can’t imagine shutting the door to all of that Love and Generosity. It’s a gift! Today I envisioned putting out the “Welcome” mat and inviting Life into my life and then standing back and watching the blessings pour forth. That’s what I’ve been experiencing lately. All I can say again is it’s astonishing to experience the level to which Life wishes to bless us if we will just open the spout for the blessings to pour forth. There is only one “little” roadblock! It’s name is Self-hatred! It comes disguised as disconnectedness, shadows, loneliness, unacknowledged pain. It comes disguised as anxiety when things are going “too well”. That’s our signal that we’ve shut the door again. We must look at all these disguises in order to bless them and release them. Only by looking at them will we be able to say, “No thank you. I don’t want that in my life any more.” Ego is a fascinating face of this disconnectedness. Ego repeatedly invites us to live by a false inflatedness telling us things like “self esteem is about having money, having an important job, a high paying job.” I learned the lesson of my lifetime this year when I realized at the deepest core of my being that my life is about joy! My life is about being open and receptive to Life’s continuous stream of blessings. My life is about being of service. Even though I’ve been living from that awareness for years I’m astonished by the level I’m at now. I’m having new awarenesses about the power of prayer, the power of Love, the power of God in me. On the opposite end of this preciously connected scale of experience I have also learned some very powerful lessons about the power of preconceptions and assumptions. I’m learning the vital necessity of letting go of preconceptions so I can truly see who is there in front of me and within me! Being present in the now is yet another connection to Joy!

My awarenesses continue to unfold at a deeper level yet. All of these awarenesses speak to the willingness to be receptive. It’s impossible to be receptive when we’re living a life of unconscious fears of any kind. It’s important to realize that surrendering doesn’t mean be a doormat. Surrendering means take down the walls of separation between us and our good. Surrendering means open our hearts and be receptive to the flow of Divine Love. That’s why I am more committed than ever to looking at all the blind spots, shadows, preconceptions so I can live continuously as close to the center of Joy in my life as I possibly can. I’m learning valued and valuable lessons along the way. I am wholeheartedly committed to moving through the pain. I am grateful for who I am as a person. Despite the pain I passionately trust in the intrinsic goodness of the Universe. Life has been difficult at times. I am still happy to be here! So I honor this time of entering the receptive part of the growing season. I send my internal and external roots deep down into the rich, growing depths of my spiritual life. I release the fear and doubt that get in my way. I diligently cultivate the love and trust and surrender that prepare my way! I let go of ego separation. I cultivate the Joy of Presence! I understand and trust that Spirit doesn’t want me to suffer. Life is not about suffering. Life is about Joy. My job is to open to Joy and release everything else. I’m grateful for this contemplative time. The miracle is it’s not just once a year! We can enjoy contemplative time every day. We can turn within any time we choose to the joyful Spirit of Life that is always within us, and always ours. That is truly how bountiful the world of Spirit wishes to be for us. I use this contemplative time to expand my horizons; to remind myself that the gift of life I have been given is meant to be my time to manifest my faith and my effort toward that faith, to bless the world with all the gifts I have within me. That awareness makes this time so very special, so very sacred. That awareness is there as a gift for me and for you each moment. In that spirit of gratitude for blessings of the past, present, and future I give thanks for the blessings of this external and internal growing season. Blessed Be to you! I wish you a bountiful, contemplative harvest of joy, peace and preparation! I wish you blessings as yet unimagined! The best is yet to be! We are still growing! We have many more blessings to cultivate and reap. Namaste!!!


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