Newsletter October 2007 by Cathy Combs

Perceptions And Revelations

Last month I began a new spiritual development process called “Life Mastery” with Rev. Dr. Mary Manin Morrissey. I knew how powerful it was going to be because I was crying before we even started. One realization I heard loud and clear as we began our first teleconference lesson, “I know for sure I want to be seen and heard.” I’m definitely not here just to go through the motions. I also know so clearly I can never underestimate how many times I’m having an influence in situations I don’t even know about. That’s not a rationalization. It’s my reminder to have faith in the whole process, in what’s visible and what isn’t yet visible! If I heard nothing but the quotes shared so far I’d count the class a huge success. The quotes speak to the heart and soul of how I see Life and how I want to be present in Life. Meister Eckhart’s quote, “The same eyes through which we see God are the same eyes through which God sees us!” How astounding to hear that a 5th century mystic said so long ago what I know to be true. I first made a very similar statement over 20 years ago in an article I wrote and submitted for publication. They deleted my sentence. They deleted the heart of my article! Two quotes from Khalil Gibran absolutely rock my world: “Our highest form of work is to make Love visible.” “To withhold love is to perish.” How perfectly those quotes express the Generosity I want to live each moment. Rev. Mary’s version of Gibran’s words is, “When we lay our head down on our pillow for the very last time the question won’t be, “How much money did we make, or how many cars did we have?” The question will be, “How well did we love?” I realized, “As you are true to yourself how can your highest hopes and dreams not be made visible?” When I am present to the Presence I know with a knowingness I’m walking in the Fulfillment of my highest, holiest vision. I AM God Essence in that moment as we all are! Another quote spoke of Brother Lawrence being so in tune with Practicing the Presence he levitated washing the dishes! That’s what I call living the sacred! Another quote, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing!” Helen Keller made that statement. I love that kind of energy! Helen Keller graduated with honors from Radcliffe College, the one place that didn’t want her. Is that incredible or what? She was not only spirited. She was brilliant. We were asked in our “Life Mastery” class who would we like to meet? Put Helen Keller on my list! I so clearly see in her the spirit of courage, faith and optimism that carries us through every situation. We realize we are more than enough to make it wholly through each moment and thrive! We don’t have to see! We don’t have to hear!

Two other quotes from our “Life Mastery” process are “Appreciation is the great multiplier!”, and “Gratitude invokes the law of increase!” Appreciation and gratitude are expressions of prosperity. The more we appreciate the good we have and the more we give thanks for the blessings we have the more we will have because we draw the good to us by our grateful, appreciative nature. Rev. Mary invited us to go on a 21 day program with her to invite more appreciation and gratitude into our lives. I’m taking her up on that promise and process. Being appreciative and grateful bring such Joy to my life. I’m learning to embody the experience of being grateful in all circumstances. I’m learning to be Spirit-connected every moment. Spirit- connectedness speaks to Einstein’s great quote, “A problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem.” We have to move to a higher plane where we can see the wholeness of the situation. From our Observer Self we connect with the solution. Rev. Mary spoke of Dr. Albert Ellis’ Rational-Emotive therapy process of how we deal with adversity. Is it a stepping stone or a roadblock? Dr. Ellis’ idea was confront our irrational beliefs in the present moment and change our behavior. Dr. Ellis’ main premise was we have the capacity to love ourselves unconditionally and to change our behavior. Rev. Mary also said, “Appreciate the problems. It means we’re moving to a higher level of awareness. The problems are coming up to be released.” What I’m noticing lately is how the attitudes of “victim” and “condescending” go together. Playing victim always draws condescending people, situations, and attitudes. It’s the Universe’s wake up call saying, “Would you please see what you’re doing to yourself? I’m seeing such powerful examples of people who are frozen in old, cold rage. I so clearly know we’re here to live lives of Joy, Radiance, Love and Peace. We can confront our irrational beliefs and change our behavior here and now! As I said last month from Rev. Mary’s quote about the three intiations we move through in awareness, we have to move from victim consciousness, “Look what the world is doing to me!” and move to the “world is working through me!” It means we know what’s happening in the outer is created by what we’re doing in the inner with our thoughts, feelings, words, beliefs and actions. That’s the empowerment process at work!

As we move into the quiet time of winter the EFT class I finished last month couldn’t have ended with more of a bang. I didn’t need a magic carpet to fly! Dr. Landrith was sharing his understanding of how manifestation happens. He said, “Manifestation happens from the place of “Thy will be done”, in the silence!” I understood immediately this is the consciousness Jesus fully embodied. Jesus “let go” of orchestrating any outcome. I understood this is why we are God in expression. We are co-created from the Cosmic Void, the Silence, where all creation happens. “Letting go” means knowing fully God Presence in each moment! There is no fear in this place. There is only the total awareness of God Presence. I wasn’t even crying I was in such a place of overawed quiet joy. Dr. Landrith said, “Whatever we want to manifest just send Love there.” I understood just live from Love. There is nothing else to do. There is nothing to get to! There is only living fully into who we already are! I’m so thrilled with all this. I see that the world is so HUGE. I’m so grateful. I so appreciate all I’m learning. The Cosmic Void is so full of everything we need! Just open to it all! I also attended a weekend women’s retreat where Cosmic Love was so evident! People were crying and crying, opening to the Love being showered upon them. We sang, danced, listened and loved with great exuberance. I so clearly know from all this and more that Life is such a precious journey. Life is meant to be pure Joy. I’m having so many experiences of absolutely electric Joy and Love. I’m so grateful. Another activity of pure Joy was hearing Faith Rivera sing her version of “Kumbaya” during our Sunday service. I was right up there with Brother Lawrence! I thought the roof was going to fly off the building. I’m sharing all this with you in the hope that you’re creating a life of electric Joy and Love for yourself. I’m living the power of forgiveness. I’m letting go of all resistance. I’m learning dramatically how confidence and patience go together! I’m living with “soft eyes.” I’m opening to pure Joy. Thank you, Silence! Thank you, Cosmic Void. Thank you, Cosmic Joy. I certainly feel your transforming Presence!!!! I’m grateful!!!!
Namaste to us all!!!!!


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