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Heretics & Heroes: Part XI Of XII - November 2012

by Cathy Combs


It's Unity's World Day Of Prayer celebration as I begin this article. It's a cloudy, cold September 13th afternoon. Thirteen is the Goddess' number signifying the lunar calendar's celebration of Life. Today I read two hauntingly clarifying articles in the 2012 September/October issue of Unity Magazine. Last night at the opening celebration of WDOP Rev. Mary Omwake shared the Dalai Lama's comment at one of the Synthesis Dialogue meetings that it is the New Thought movement that will lead the way for the world to a new Understanding. In one article the author is speaking to the difference between Paul of Tarsus' deep self-loathing and how his self-hatred affected his view of Christianity and the messages he spread throughout the ancient world and Jesus' radically different message of profound Love for who we are. Can the differences be any more obvious and clear??? The point yet again is Choice and Awareness. Another huge point in this article is the mistranslation of words and how these mistranslations affect us to this very day. The short version is the age old question: Is our Nature inherently good or evil? Paul has one answer. Jesus has a radically different answer. I'll take Jesus' answer!!!!!!

The other article titled "A Different Kind of God" states, "Einstein and Darwin devoutly believed in a concept of God as the indescribable force behind all they discovered." They both had a deep love for the Awe and Mystery of Life and Nature and yet they're written off as heretics because they don't espouse the traditional message. I'll take their message any day!!! Einstein said, "Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." The article also speaks to how profoundly Darwin agonized over his views because he knew that his views of transmutation (evolution) would radically impact the fixed worldview of his time. He was so concerned he delayed making his findings public for twenty years. I greatly honor both of these men for their Brilliance.

I also want to especially give thanks for a new young heretic hero, Malala Yousafzai, the 14 year old Pakistani girl, who is trying to bring education to all the girls in her country. She is such a threat to the hard line extremists they have threatened to kill her. They've already shot her in the head and threatened to also kill her father who is the headmaster of a girl's school. Women are marching in her country in support of her immensely brave efforts. I'm so very grateful for this young woman and her Vision and Courage. I believe it is another example of the Aquarian Age shift that is becoming more and more visible everywhere in the world. Efforts like this certainly put my life in perspective. Nothing I've ever experienced matches what this young woman is living through now as she begins her significant rehabilitation process in England. I can only imagine how many people she is inspiring worldwide. I'm listening to the "Beyond" CD by Tina Turner, Dechen Shak-Dagsay and Regula Curti. Rumi, one of my favorite Sufi mystic poets, says, "Beyond right and wrong there is a field. I meet you there." I feel he is speaking of Spirit and the field of Consciousness. I hear him saying beyond the perception of separation there is the Reality of Oneness. These three women are also such an inspiration to me as they share music from their different spiritual traditions of Buddhism and Christianity. They are obviously focusing on their shared appreciation of each other and not the differences of their beliefs. What a powerful lesson for us all!!!

I also can't help but be encouraged by knowing stories from the National Women's History Museum flyer. Elizabeth Blackwell was rejected by 17 U.S. medical schools simply because she was a woman. "She finally was accepted by Geneva Medical College. She overcame the hostility of her professors to become the first woman to earn a degree in medicine at an American college, graduating at the top of her class in 1849." I wouldn't even want to imagine what she went through and yet I can imagine her exhilaration and relief and hopefully Joy as she set out on her amazing Life.

On the other hand, I read a chilling article about Bill Gates and his multimillion dollar funding of Monsanto's genetically modified foods. In the September/October 2012 issue of Pathfinder Magazine,, Gates is labeled a predatory philanthropist as he continues his plan to spread genetically modified foods and seeds throughout Africa. The article also mentions how many of Monsanto's former executives are working in high U.S. government offices and we wonder why these horrendous laws are getting passed where now 14 U.S. states even have legislation banning any restrictions on genetically modified foods. If you're not already buying organic foods and planting your own organic gardens now is certainly the time. It's also the time to insist that genetically modified foods be labeled as such. Of course Monsanto and all the other huge biotech companies are fighting tooth and nail to keep that from happening but I wonder don't they realize that they eat the same thing and it hurts them too. Money seems to have a blindingly ignorant impact on people. Don't be one of them!!!!!!

I can't help but think of the irony of all this as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving. Eating is supposed to be a joyful, nutritious nurturing process. Not a process where we poison ourselves with the contaminated foods being produced. It is such a call to Consciousness and Empowerment and Education.

Another comment on the political front as we are days away from election time it is imperative to note that the New York Times says GOP VP candidate, Paul Ryan, is "unquestionably the face of the Tea Party caucus in Washington." Their agenda is: pushing radical ideas like gutting Medicare, banning abortion even in cases of rape and incest, and defunding the EPA, NPR and Planned Parenthood while slashing taxes for millionaires and billionaires. Unquestionably that is never an agenda I will support.

There is so much Good happening in the world. That's where I want to keep my Focus and give thanks for all that and at the same time speak up to and for the changes that need to be made. There are billions who don't have the power or know-how to speak up so those of who do are vitally needed. I am one of those and I will continue to speak up now and always so that the optimum level of Happiness, Health and Abundance is available for all to share and to spare. There is far more than enough to share and to spare as we continue to expand our Understanding of who we are and all we can do. Scarcity is a myth based on fear and contraction. Faith is the Truth based on Love and Expansion. It is our very heritage and it is here and now waiting for our all out participation. If you're not already involved in this great movement of participation I promise you that by getting involved you will feel more Empowered and Expansive than ever before. By giving you find out that you have far more than you ever thought you had. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!