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November 2016: Heretics & Heroes:
Part XI Of XII

by Cathy Combs


It's a mild overcast day as I begin this newsletter today. Mother Nature did quite the rain dance for a while last night. The hedge apples are still falling on my roof at all hours of the night and day and it's quite the interesting wake up call sometimes. It makes me laugh because sometimes it certainly is startling when I'm sound asleep. I'm still enjoying this time of year. The leaves are so many beautiful colors and the days are usually sunny and mild. I am experiencing so many blessings in both of my spiritual communities and in other events I will be attending in the next few days. It is never, never lost on me how blessed my life is and I know that is why the blessings keep on coming in the magnitude that they are. This month I am going to North Carolina to visit my youngest sister over the Thanksgiving holiday. I've never been there before but I know it's beautiful. I'm also going to California in December to celebrate the Winter Solstice with another sister and to see some of my friends. California is so very special to me. It is where my spiritual life really took off as a young adult as I fully embodied the intuitive awarenesses I have always had. It is so special to be so awake to the Beauty within me and all around me. I have shared that time and again and it never gets old!!!

As I alluded to in my October newsletter we are heading into the most amazing time in our lives as we head into the upcoming election. As I have already said no matter who wins, for very different reasons, we will be in for the ride of our lives. The chaos that I so anticipate will have us all way far out on the green growing edges of our lives. The green growing edges can be times of great excitement because we've never been there before. Everything is new and uncertain and unknown and very vital. As we look with eyes of Wonder and Excitement we can experience profound blessings. We can be crafting brand new lives of community and service and sharing. That's what I am looking forward to in each brand new moment. I know I will be meeting so many new friends along the way!!!

I also know many, many people will be looking with eyes of fear and will consciously and unconsciously be stirring up trouble because they are so filled with anger and self-hatred and fear. These are the moments I count my blessings knowing I will never lead a life like that. I will never give up my connection with the Power that I AM. We are all creations of Infinite Love and Light. We must simply have the Courage and Awareness to let the ever-present Love and Light that we are express in us, as us, and through us. This has been my message to myself and everyone my entire life. It will always be my message because it is our very purpose in being here. I have always known that and I am so very grateful because this Knowing has been a powerful blessing my whole life and I know it will continue to be as long as I live because I intentionally intend it to be a blessing!!! I will also say again it is never lost on me how much Self Love and Courage it takes to wake up and allow a new life to come into expression in our lives. Whether we know it or not this new life is always presenting Itself as an option simply waiting for us to allow room for the full blown expression of Love, Peace, Grace, Serenity to come into being. All the gifts of Spirit are always within us simply resting there waiting for us to say, Yes, indeed, I would like a life like that!!!! I will allow my life to be an expression of all that!!! I will live a life of service and Peace and great, great Love. I will choose to recognize who I already and always am!!! I will no longer say no to the Magnificence I AM!!! This is the Life I know is already present and coming for all who have the ears to hear and the heart to allow. I and so many others I know and love will be on the front lines leading the way. I look forward to seeing you on our collective journey! Remember you are loved and there are always others willing to help you!!!

As we move into this month where we celebrate Thanksgiving in our Western world I am always moved by the countless number of people who are willing to walk away from lives where they have experienced horrendous violence of every kind in their lives and they are willing to build brand new lives of Self Love, Courage and service to others. So many people have experienced violence and yet they refuse to allow their experience to define them in a negative way. Instead they recognize they are more than that and they live lives of profound Compassion and Understanding and they create a new Vision for themselves and others. That is one of the great blessings of our connectedness! Whether we realize it or not we are always seen and heard. We are examples of what can be and what should never be!!! We can reach out in Courage. We can reach out in violence. The choice is always ours. The impact in either way is massive!!! We always have the Choice of what kind of influence we will be. That is why I continue to live a life of service and connection. I love my life. I am grateful for the challenges and the blessings that have helped me craft the life I am living. Make no mistake the challenges were painful. The lessons were immense. They were my teachers of how to transcend the difficulties and move onward, upward and forward. I am not a victim. I am not a doormat. No one is!!! That is the message of Healing and Wholeness I have always shared with everyone. We are inherently Worthy. We are greatly loved by a Beneficent Universe of many names!!! We are here to be a blessing and to be blessed in return. That is the Law of Reciprocity. It is always active in our lives. It is blessing us and teaching us in every way. I give thanks for the many opportunities to continue to grow on my beloved green growing edges and to live a life of great Love and Courage and service to all!!! Namaste!!! Blessed Be!!!!