Newsletter December 2003 by Cathy Combs

The Rebirth of the Sun

We are approaching the shortest day of the year. Winter is almost over. We still have more cold days and nights ahead but light is about to return and with it comes the birth of the Sun again. I find particular joy and reverence in acknowledging the commonalities that all spiritual traditions share. It seems that most spiritual and cultural traditions celebrate very important birthings in the month of December. In this way it seems that all traditions are Earth-Based. We share a world together. We share living space. We share the breath of life together. We each have a body, a spirit, a mind to bring us into contact with each other. We each get to choose what we do with this contact. Sometimes, maybe even often, I so take for granted my life, I lose contact with my life, I forget that I always have choice! Sometimes I let Earth-Based mean sense consciousness only. I forget that I am truly Spirit in manifestation. To me, that means that I am here to fulfill a larger purpose than what ego has in mind. I can be so swept away by the guilt, blame, shame game that I completely forget that the vitalizing Spirit of Love is always available to me. I need only to stop and open to a much larger perspective than what personal ego can ever show me!

As I experience these December days and nights I celebrate the birth of the Sun and the birth of the Spirit of Love that heals all hurts, brings peace where there is none, and joy where there is none. I bring awareness to lessons I need to learn and old patterns I need to drop. I bring awareness to the living reality that every moment is a celebration of the Spirit of Love in me if I will let it be! Every moment! I choose whether I want to live that possibility. That power is in me and all of us! I can bring new life to my physical heart by this magnanimous attitude. I can redefine "enemies" as treasured lessons in love and openness and discernment that live beyond crushing self-critical judgment. Do you think you could join in that transformation too? Do you realize that all "dis-ease", all lack of any kind is transformed by the birth of Love within us? What treasured gifts would you like to bring into your life? By your thoughts and words and actions you tap into the invisible Source that already enfolds all possibility. Hold that potential in heart and mind and it will come into being. That is what is called the Law of Manifestation. Each one of us is the architect of this Law. Thoughts we hold in mind create in physical reality exactly what we dwell on each moment. If I concentrate on Love I manifest Love. If I concentrate on lack I manifest lack. It is that simple and that powerful. It is transformative!

As I move through these December days and nights I hold steadfastly to the Truth that lives beyond what sense-based appearances seem to indicate and I call forth the power and the wisdom that always is accessible right within me and all of us. By daring to be all that we can presently imagine, and more, the doors to manifestation open and the new birth is made visible right here, right now.

Happy new birth to you!

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