December Newsletter 2004 by Cathy Combs

“She So Loved The Earth She Gave Us Her Essence”

When I open my heart to the experience of this time of year I can’t help but feel the beauty and love of the transformative message in “The Charge Of The Goddess” that Starhawk wrote. When I fully embody the Spirit of this precious message I can’t help but celebrate the meaning of this message that is shared by the many seemingly different spiritual traditions around the Earth. The words may be different. The names may be different but the message is the same! The story is the celebration of the birth of Love into our lives, into this precious green Earth we know as ourselves and each other! When we are born into physical manifestation in this lifetime, into this physical body we have been given, we all have the same charge. We all have the same opportunity to live into being the essence of Love that we are! We transcend the fear-based separation and smallness of dogma and doctrine when we open our hearts and arms to celebrating and embodying the transcending Mystery whose name is Love!

I can think of no greater blessing that I’d like to live into being! This kind of Love heals all wounds, and heals the heartbreaking myths of separation we humans seem to cling to with such blind ferocity and “fear-full” devotion. It’s a captivating human mystery to me why on Earth we would cling to separation when Love is so very everpresent! Is that overwhelming Love what scares us so much that we must run and hide? Why do we not understand that when we lay human ego aside the mystery is solved; that this kind of Love truly is our heritage to feel and to celebrate? We seem to not know our heritage; to not know our purpose. To me, our charge is to remember our ego, our small self, is not in charge. Our Larger Self, whose name is Love of Self, who sees the oneness in the seeming difference, is in charge. This Larger Self has all the words our small self will ever need to heal the wounds we have caused. The words are as simple as “I love you” and “I’m sorry I caused you such unnecessary and thoughtless pain.” The myth of ego is dissolved, and the Presence of Love lives, when those words are spoken.

As we consider this precious time in our lives I hope we all feel the essence and presence of Love that we are. I hope that whatever is happening in our lives we truly feel the reality that there is far more love, far more joy, far more peace than perhaps we can presently imagine. As I consider this vast possibility I truly do give thanks for all that I have and I set my sights on the present moment and I continue to give my whole heart and soul to that which is in front of me to do. It doesn’t mean I always know what that is but it does mean that as I calm my thoughts, and calm my fears when they are there, that I will feel the undying inspiration of the moment and I will feel the everpresent Love of my being, and I will hear the still small voice of love and inspiration telling me how precious I am, how much my message is needed, and how transformative my presence is in this world. That message is for all of us equally. It’s possibility is always present, waiting for us to take the heart of the message and bring it into manifestation as only we can do! That truly is the gift of this season each day of the year. Our message of Love can’t be done without us! Blessed Be to all of us as we live our message of Love, Joy, and Peace into Being!

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