Newsletter December 2007 by Cathy Combs

Let There Be Light! Let There Be Love!

December marks one of my favorite times of the year as many of the religions of the Earth celebrate the birth of the Light, the Infinite Love, into the consciousness of our humanity! As is so common in our spiritual human experience it is also the time of year when the discrepancy between what we feel and what we want to feel is most noticed. It is those times when we can and must deeply tap into our precious compassionate humanity and be a beacon of Light, Love and Hope for ourselves and others. I am uncomfortably aware like never before of the profound poverty and hopelessness that people near and far are feeling and experiencing. It’s agonizing. Out of this awareness I am repeatedly called into a conscious realization of gratitude for all I have. I can’t remember who said, “Even when I have no money I’m certainly not poor.” I love this comment. I understand this comment to embody the consciousness of being deeply connected with the Light and Love within! The true greatness of this Gift is sharing It for all to see and feel. It is a natural expression of Generosity to share the Light and Love. When we give our Gifts we connect with the exquisite power of the Law of giving and receiving. By giving we receive. By receiving we give. In our Western world it is rare in some circles to hear about this second part of the Law. In receiving we allow others to experience the Joy of giving. We allow ourselves the opportunity to be gifted. We allow ourselves the opportunity to experience the Joy of receiving Love and Generosity from others. Giving and receiving in the true spirit of these acts is a healing process in action. I am reminded of the bumper sticker that speaks to intentional acts of kindness. Living from this state of being is what keeps us openhearted no matter what else is happening in our lives. We actually change what is happening in our lives by building a consciousness of intentional kindness. One of the Abraham cards speaks to this principle by saying, “It is my dominant intent to look for what I want to see. As you deliberately look for things to appreciate, praise, or enjoy, you achieve vibrational harmony with your own Source, and with all that is Good. And then the powerful Law of Attraction brings more good things to you.” What is so painful to me is that these Truths are so powerful and yet so many people are completely unaware that they even exist. So many people are buried in fear and depression. They have no clue that by their thoughts and attitudes they are bringing more sadness into their lives. That is why I am so committed to bringing a consciousness of Love and Light into the world. We may not be able to take away all the pain. We can, however, be the Light and Love so that others can learn there is hope. There is a brighter day ahead even in the very next moment. Transformation is possible any moment. Any moment we wake up to who we are, as the Buddha reminds us, we can change our lives and the lives of all we touch.

For me the greatest expression of Light and Love, of being awake, is to understand what God is. God is Love, Spirit, Divine Law, Activating Principle. These names are important because they express the principle of a Unitive Universe that by its very nature is the All Good. I love this view. The Unitive view is so different than the dualistic traditions that in my experience and opinion have brought so much needless pain and agony into the world. I speak to this issue time and again because the very essence of happiness and empowerment rests on our enlightened understanding of what God is and who we are as expressions of this Infinite, All Abiding Love. As we understand what God is and who we are fear disappears because it’s a myth of our own creation. All the Wisdom books say that in the Presence of Love fear cannot stand. Our job is to live this Holy Truth into expression! This time of year, and every day is the perfect time to celebrate the birth and rebirth of this Holy Truth into our conscious awareness. Rupert Sheldrake speaks to this Truth by reminding us, “We live in a holographic Universe where everything is created twice (first in our thoughts and then in manifestation).” As the New Thought spiritual traditions remind us, “Thoughts are things.” What we unconsciously and consciously dwell on, we manifest! That’s why it is so important to be awake! All of the Unitive traditions like Unity, Religious Science, Quantum Physics, the Abraham teachings, holistic health, Gestalt Psychology, Earth-Based spirituality, the Goddess traditions, to name just a few, say that our very nature is Love and Joy. Unitive means there is only one Presence and Power in the Universe and that is God, by whatever name we know this Infinite Principle of beingness. The dualistic concepts of devil, evil, fear, illness are all machinations of our own creation when we think we’re separate from the one true Source of our beingness. Quantum Physics has proven that we are Light. Our very beingness is Light and Energy. Our bodies are simply the physical manifestation of Spirit. Same essence, different form! Yes, our body does die to its physical form. Death is part of the ongoing life cycle. Death is not a separate process. The dualistic Cartesian teachings have been so dominant in our thinking we learn to be so afraid of death we hardly enjoy our life. We miss the very purpose of our life and our nature! This time of year is a special reminder that we are Life, Love and Joy in expression. As we focus our conscious attention on this Truth we bring more and more of our true beingness and power into expression. We don’t have to live in fear of anyone or anything. As all the Wisdom teachings say as we understand our connection to the one Source and we align with It we empower our lives beyond anything we have previously imagined. We open to new levels of experiencing and expressing Light, Love and Joy. In one of our Life Mastery lessons this Truth is expressed as “We can have anything we’re willing to become!” If we want more Joy become Joy. Connect with what is already the Truth of our being. Remember we live from the inside out. Joy doesn’t come from having what we want. Joy comes from remembering who we are and being who we are each moment. Poverty is a state of being when I have forgotten who I am. Poverty is a state of being that says I believe I am disempowered. Like the statement I heard in a recent Sunday lesson “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is a choice.” I said to a friend, “Suffering is adding a layer of judgment onto our experience of pain.” Suffering is like lapsing into, “Poor me” instead of waking up to doing something about our situation. I understand doing something to mean add Love to the situation. I love Gibran’s statement in his essay on giving and receiving, “To withhold Love is to perish.” In our Life Mastery lessons Rev. Mary commented, “Well-being is a state of being.” Rev. Mary quoted the ancient Greek philosopher Herophilus, “When health is absent Wisdom cannot reveal Itself. Art cannot manifest. Strength cannot fight. Wealth becomes useless. Intelligence cannot be applied.” May we remember we are powerful! May we celebrate the Light and Love of our beingness. May we commit to doing what is ours to do to heal and to help our precious planet and our precious sisters and brothers of all species. May we remember we are Love In Action!!!!!!! Namaste!!!!!!


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