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2013: Heretics & Heroes: Part XII Of XII - December

by Cathy Combs


I'm writing way into the future as we end the Winter season on one end of 2013 and enter it on the tail end of the year. I continue to be amazed at so many things. I'm reading the March/April 2013 issue of Mother Jones Magazine as we head into April on April Fool's Day. I celebrate the surprise blessings as a dear friend requested to buy 10 of my books to share with his congregation. No telling how many more blessings are to come. A few days later he posted a very sweet endorsement on my website testimonial page.

On a different scale I continue to be amazed and aghast at how our food supply can change in just 100 years. A mere century ago there were thousands of apple varieties in the USA. Then the factory farm industry crushed all that. Now we're dealing with patented Gala and Fuji brands. In Maine an amazing man named John Bunker has made it his lifelong journey to find the apples that used to be so common, like the Blake, Blue Pearmain, the Wolf River, just to name a few that I've never even heard of before. John Bunker travels all over trying to find these lost apple trees so he can bring them back. I'm thrilled. What a blessing to our food supply. On the other end of that is Monsanto still doing its dirty work to get GMO seeds planted everywhere with the hidden help of our very own government as the backdoor deals continue to be cut. The amazing thing is how the need to know movement is growing and growing saying no to GMOs. When even one state passes a GMO labeling initiative that will end Monsanto's ability to cut these hideous self-serving destructive, even to them, deals. They eat the same food. Don't they read the news about what GMOs do to their bodies? Very interesting.

All this reminds me of two of my very favorite quotes: Henry Kaiser said, "Problems are only opportunities in work clothes." Einstein said, "The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them." Both of these creative statements tell us resoundingly how powerful our feelings and thoughts are. I love my own reminder that we are the Solution Itself. We are never ever disconnected from the Source unless we disconnect ourselves from ourselves!!! I look forward to seeing where I am as I get to December from where I am in April with the realizations I've had recently. I am continuing my house cleaning clearing project as I fully realize, "Time to get the show on the road." I feel very, very visible which in one sense is frightening and in another sense is very exciting. I know that so many people love the work I'm doing. I know they're supported, uplifted and comforted and I'm very grateful. I very much look forward to the continuing unfoldment and blessings present and to come.

An invaluable lesson I'm learning in the most personal sense of the word is how very wide the options and views are on very precious pressing issues. In one sense of the word the question always is how do we honor Life when we don't know where or what death is? How do we communicate in very emotional situations? The challenge is daunting and worthy. I appreciate the opportunity knowing it serves me mightily in ways I don't presently understand. I value the opportunity nonetheless. I passionately recognize that the Life~Death continuum is a continuous flow of Energy that simply changes form as we move along in the cycle. This continuum is present no matter whether we are talking about a physical issue of the death of our body, the death of a relationship, the loss of a job, or any of the changes we call Life or Death.

I am reminded yet again of Dr. Martin Seligman's groundbreaking work in Positive Psychology. He says the focus for a healthy Life needs to be on feelings of optimism, altruism, and all the positive emotions that reflect the uplifting empowering aspects of our human experience. I have always felt connected to this view of Life. It has served me so very well. In issues I am facing now, big and small, as I look for the blessings in the moment I feel deeply connected to the Unlimited Possibilities that are always present in every moment because this Limitlessness is the very Expression of our Nature. We are Spirit Identified, Spirit Expressed. Living from that connection is so very, very empowering!!!!! I'm so grateful I am aware of the Presence I AM. You are Presence too!

A very sweet expression of how this Positivity is seen by others is a new friend said to me recently, "How do you hold so much Good inside you?" What she doesn't yet know is I see the very same Good in her. She is absolutely precious and doesn't really know it yet. As I've said before that's why we're all here so we can express and reflect the Good we are to ourselves and each other. By doing this we heal ourselves and each other. It is such a precious journey. I truly love being a cog in the wheel in this Life journey!!!!!!! What I especially love is that the positive emotions are all expressions of Gratitude, Appreciation, Generosity, Joy, Enthusiasm, all the deeply embodied emotions that reflect our deeply Spirit connected Essence. Yet again our very embodied Spirit Nature. A very sweet Expression of my growing awareness of how global our connections are is my awareness today that through all the social media networks I am instantly connected worldwide with a whole world of people who are deeply interested in the work I'm doing. I have instant access to telling a whole new network of people about my book, my retreats, my website, and all I'm doing. We are social beings by our very Nature. We are physiologically geared toward caring about and for ourselves and each other. It is a survival mechanism to care about and for ourselves and each other!!! If and when that is missing it is a huge key to stop and look within and connect again with the Love that is our very Nature. If the Love is missing, pathology is present as our huge key to Stop!!! Look!!! Listen!!! Get consciously reconnected with the Spirit of Life and Love we are now and always!!! As we head toward the Winter Solstice that is my passionate contemplative message for myself and all others. Enjoy and give thanks for the preciousness of our Spirit Expressed Humanity. It is a Gift. We are a Gift to ourselves and each other!!! I love, bless and appreciate myself and you as we go forward together in Love, Peace, and Harmony! Yes! Each moment is our opportunity to ask ourselves where are we? Where do we want to be? What is our Gift we most want to offer this precious world we share? It will be interesting to see if I'm still asking and answering some of these same questions when I truly arrive at this point of the year. I invite you to join me in asking and answering your most precious questions and yearnings. Most of all enjoy your Journey. That is the key to whatever is happening!!!! If the Joy is missing so are we in the most vital kind of way!!! We are Power Itself. We are Joy!!! We are God In Expression as our most Sacred Self. That is our Unitive Reality: Our Quantum Reality. See you along the Way. Blessings of Peace, Joy, Abundance and Much Love and Grace!!!! I hope you're living this message. Namaste one and all!!!!!!!!!!