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2021: Heretics & Heroes:
Part XII of XII

by Cathy Combs


As we move into the last month of 2021 I AM focused on being the Love I want to be and doing what I love to do. This focus helps me be the Joy I want to be and opens the way to give and receive soooo many blessings. This focus means the world to me because it spreads sooo much Kindness into the world and it is sooo desperately needed to say the very least. Wherever I AM I sooo often receive sooo many unexpected acts of Kindness and it is always such a sweet and welcome Gift. I also do unexpected acts of Kindness and it amazes me how often I'm told “You made my day.” Their reaction surprises me because it seemed like such a simple thing for me to do and yet it shows me how much my act of Kindness means to them and that makes it so very special. It also shows me how very needed acts of Kindness are and that they are not small. I've said that soooo very many times and these reactions prove the Truth of what I'm saying so I never take acts of Kindness for granted. They are Life changing and even Life saving. So often we have no idea what is happening in someone else's Life and how perfect our timing is for our acts of Kindness. Every moment is an opportunity for acts of Kindness and it is important to remember how important acts of Kindness are for our own inner development. The wider and wider we open our hearts and minds to expressing acts of Kindness the more and more room we leave for the Expression of Love and Peace and Understanding in our world. To say the least that too is soooo very needed in our world.

As we prepare for all the different celebrations of this month in all the different traditions it's an amazing way to welcome in 2022 as we continue to grow in our embodied Understanding of Love and Peace and Harmony in the world. It's a very Powerful way to honor Diversity and to realize we are unique and individual and yet we are One. We are interconnected as we share this world space together and we can and will get beyond our fears if we have the Will to do so and we will realize how much better off we are when we are willing to grow in Love and Peace and Understanding. We will flourish not only socially but also physically, mentally, spiritually and economically. All these ways are vitally interconnected. They are not separate!!!

As we go from day to day and moment to moment I AM also aware of the Power of Gratitude. I have said this soooo many times. Gratitude opens the way for an exponential flow of Blessings into our lives. It is a key to Happiness, Peace, Well being and all the innumerable blessings pouring forth each moment if we are Aware enough to see and feel and allow them to come into our lives. Our Spirit of Gratitude means we are already centered in Peace and not fear. Fear is not our Identity!!! I have said sooo many times as well. When we realize that Love and Peace and Understanding are our Identity we open the way for the limitless Expression of Good that is available to us now and always. That Lighthearted Understanding makes every day every moment sacred and holy as we remember that we are Spirit Incarnate and Inherently Worthy. We do not have to earn Worthiness. We are Inherently Worthy because we are Expressions of Spirit in the physical!!! I have said this a zillion times as well. The last thing that people who rule by fear want you to know is that you are Inherently Worthy because then their Power over you is gone!!!!! This Awareness of our Inherent Worthiness means everything to me. My whole Life has been in the helping professions where I help people to know they are loved, they are sacred, they are not victims. They can change their lives. They can overcome difficulties as they expand their Awareness to the Truth that there are blessings in every moment. This may seem difficult or even impossible to Understand but it is the Truth and being open to this Truth opens the way for the Immeasurable blessing of Compassion for us to extend to ourselves and others. Compassion is a Life changer because it means we are heart centered not fear based!!! We are centered in our true Identity of Love and Peace and Understanding!!! To do this kind of work means I also have to be centered in the Truth of my Inherent Worthiness. It also makes me laugh to realize that it's quite a ride to maintain this Centeredness sometimes and yet I will never give up the effort to maintain this Centeredness because I have been shown a zillion times how Worthwhile it is to know and honor who I AM as Spirit Incarnate and that is why I AM so devoted to helping others live this Truth as well.

As I near the end of this sharing with you I AM looking out the window on a bright sunshiny day and it looks soooo beautiful and yet it is very cold at the moment and yet will be much warmer as the day goes along. It makes me smile to realize the paradox that yes indeed the sun is shining but it doesn't necessarily mean it's warm outside and yet I love being outside in my car roaming around enjoying the beauty of the sun shining and the colors of Mother Nature's world that are still visible here before they fade away as the season gets colder.

As we move forward into the end of this year and the coming of 2022 I stay centered in the Truth that I have lessons to learn and innumerable blessings to receive and so do we all so I maintain my Awareness of the Power we all are and I give thanks in advance for all that is coming as I continue to see the Good in every moment now and always. I wish you the very best as you go forward as well. It will certainly be interesting to see and hear what happens around our world and how much of a wonderful difference we can all make as we do our very best to honor the Truth that we are Spirit Incarnate and we are Love in action if we choose to be and how much better it all works as we choose to honor this Immeasurable Truth of who we are now and always!!! Blessings to you as we close out 2021 together and we open to the Newness of 2022. Take care!!!!!