Newsletter February 2005 by Cathy Combs

We Are The Light And Love Of The World

Greetings to you! As we enter this month dedicated to love, I would like to share with you some thoughts and realizations that I had recently. My purpose for beginning this monthly newsletter 18 months ago was to bring more illumination and inspiration into conscious awareness for everyone. That remains my purpose to this day. What I will be doing each month this year is sharing ideas and realizations from books that deal with the Goddess traditions. My purpose for doing this is because I realize more than ever before that the Goddess represents the Spirit of equality, respect, community, and cooperation that is so very greatly needed in this day and age when we find ourselves so unconsciously divided against ourselves and each other. It is especially fitting to begin this journey now because February is the month in which many spiritual traditions around the world celebrate the gifts of illumination and inspiration; gifts of light and love, gifts from our heart and mind that celebrate inner awareness, gifts that celebrate how we love and inspire ourselves and each other for the betterment of our dear, precious world; gifts of light and love that cast out all fear! Gifts of love and light that cast out all fear is the part of that equation that is particularly meaningful to me right now. I doubt that it is a mystery to any one of us that we are at a transformational point in the development of our world consciousness, our world psyche. The word “psyche” means breath, soul, spirit. In the Greek myth, Psyche’s pivotal question was does she light the light of illumination and understanding, or not??? What are the consequences if she does? What are the consequences if she doesn’t? This question is ever so relevant for us today. I have been reading Layne Redmond’s book, “When The Drummers Were Women”. Even though I’ve been studying and practicing the Goddess/Earth-Based traditions since 1987 this book made me even more consciously aware of some very powerful ideas! I now understand more than ever why the Goddess traditions are so frightening to men and to women, and I am saddened. The Goddess traditions are such amazing practices of love and peace and respect! In a time in this country when Roe v. Wade could be overturned I now understand better than ever why there is such virulent hatred toward the idea of a women having the right to choose what happens to her own body. In a dominator culture, independence for anyone who is oppressed in any way is not tolerated! In Layne Redmond’s book, she speaks of the womb as representing the Goddess, the womb is the place where creation happens. In stark contrast to the dualistic thinking of the present day, this dark, vitalizing place inside a woman’s body is recognized as sacred in the ancient and current Goddess traditions. All of life is honored as sacred in the Goddess traditions. It is so important to consciously recognize that in the dominator mentality of the last 5,000 years there is no room for societies and different cultural practices to live side by side because the dominator mentality is based on fear and they do not allow another option to exist side by side because any other option consciously represents another way of life! Another crucial piece of this pattern that keeps a dominance pattern in place is the psychological process in which the oppressed “identify with the oppressor” in order to be safe; that is, the oppressed participate in the same practice as the oppressor! I see this practice in place now in the women and men who are so violently, passionately opposed to a woman’s right to choose. They have joined with the oppressor to violate their own rights and the rights of others. This same process happens when people who have been abused become abusers. What is important to me in this whole process is that change is happening. Women and men, by the millions, are consciously embracing an awareness and practice based on mutual love and respect, equality and consideration. The day is truly here where the oppressor realizes they are as bound as the oppressed when they attempt to rule by force, domination and fear! We are at critical mass where we realize once again at a conscious level that the human body is sacred! We do realize there is no true power in domination and fear. We realize power only truly manifests as love and understanding and respect for ourselves and each other. In this awakening month of love and light I truly do give thanks for the new sense of loving, respectful, peaceful, equal partnership and relationship that I see expressing itself all over the world. We are in a time of extraordinary transformation. As we consciously recognize once again that the cycle of birth/growth/death/rebirth is an integrated whole that includes, and needs, both dark and light, that is, times of receptivity and action, we open our hearts and minds to the expression of peace and healing. We leave space for people to live their own lives. We focus on our own spiritual development and allow others to have this same sacred responsibility. In that spirit of love and trust I give thanks that the Psyche within us all lights the light of love, peace, respect, and understanding. Love and respect to you!!!!


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