Newsletter February 2006 by Cathy Combs

Oh Holy Light!!!

It’s February 2006. Daylight is increasing. Light is often a symbol of illumination and understanding. To celebrate that imagery I would like to share an experience I had recently that so perfectly epitomizes the dawning of the light of understanding all I could do was cry when trying to talk about my experience. I had been unemployed for a very long time. I was taking some quiet time to set my intention for the day. I was noticing the synchronicity of hearing a favorite story in many different places. That usually means something very important is occurring! I had been hearing many different people speak of Jesus’ miracle of breaking the loaves and fishes to feed the multitudes. Jesus made it very plain that this “miracle” is doable by all of us because it is simply the expression of the spiritual principle of unshakeable faith at work in our lives. All of the great spiritual teachers of all times tell us that whatever they can do we can do because we are all the same Spirit! That night I went to a celebration to say goodbye to two very special young women. I shared my experience as an encouragement to anyone who might be needing a demonstration that faith in the invisible essence of our lives really can and does move mountains. Faith moves the mountains of doubt and fear that we sometimes heap upon ourselves. Through my tears I was finally able to tell the group of people I was with that I had been imaging the miracle of the loaves and fishes. I felt my connection with the invisible essence of Life in the moment and I understood that the manifestation of faith was happening now! I understood that imaging breaking the loaves and fishes made room right in the moment for abundance to manifest now. Then in that very moment the mailman came up and put my mail in my box! In the mail that very moment was an invitation to apply for a very significant job in my field. What made the timing even more special was I didn’t even know I was on the eligibility roster for the position. The even larger understanding was that this wasn’t the right job. The money was great but it wasn’t the “right” job. My understanding of the right job came in a dream that clearly said, “Do that which brings you joy and I will take care of the rest.” I followed that guidance. I am doing that job that brings me great joy! That day I knew the dam had broken. The way was open, as it had always been! That’s the most important part to realize! Possibilities from out of the invisible essence are always present. It is our unshakeable faith that brings them forth! That’s the great, joyful Truth every moment of our lives on this precious Earth! I share this story now because each February all of the spiritual traditions the world over celebrate the Birth of Awareness, the Birth of Faith, and the miracles always present in our everyday lives! This Truth is so very special to me because it speaks to the power always present within us waiting for us to trigger the manifestation of greater good that is always there for us in the moment! Present now! Not later when we die to this physical form but right now in the moment the miracle of love, peace, joy, wisdom, understanding, generosity, all possible good is present now! That is why we celebrate this precious gift of illumination! It is the beginning of the growing season in the western hemisphere. The Earth is awakening from Her preparatory underground work and once again showing us Her vivid beauty. Each moment we have the opportunity to realize and actualize the principle that sharing our blessings makes our blessings even bigger! That is the purpose of every moment! Celebrate! Share! Break the bread and feed each other! In that spirit I would like to share a few more ideas from the book “don’t think of an elephant!” by George Lakoff. I love this book because it is such a clear demonstration of the dawning of the new light that we are one inextricably linked world! Lakoff takes each hot button issue point by point and shows what we must do to address the issues of our day. One hot button issue that is particularly precious to me shows how the social conservatives have framed issues as marginal and yet these issues are at the very heart and core of healing our world! I say that no issue is peripheral when it concerns over half the population of the entire world! It’s not new to us that educating women, providing international access to birth control, feeding the hungry, reducing overpopulation are all inextricably linked issues. What may be new to us is infusing the heart of compassion into our international global policies, realizing there is no such thing as a peripheral issue. What affects one of us affects all of us! In that spirit of generosity, vision, and compassion I'm so thrilled to know there is now an organization actively promoting establishing Departments of Peace in every nation. Dennis Kucinich's dream has become a reality!!! I learned about this organization this past Sunday at our church service as we kicked off our annual celebration of 64 days of nonviolence starting January 30 until April 4 honoring the lives of Mohandas Gandhi and Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Worldwide we are consciously moving toward peace as the way! We are consciously moving beyond our propensity for using fear to scare, separate and deceive people! I'm so thrilled and honored to be a vitalizing cog in the wheel of this worldwide movement toward peace and generosity of spirit! We are realizing that God is truly Love in expression! We are realizing that Spirit is an impartial principle of Love and Light. This isn’t what most of us learned and yet in our heart of hearts we know the Truth when we hear it and feel it and we're actively growing toward this Light. We are consciously knowing now that this Divine Love can bring us what war, competition, and fear never can. We are embracing a "new" frame where we are living from the mantra, “In service to each other we all are free.” Thought by thought, decision by decision this “new” frame is taking root yet again in our consciousness and manifesting in our world. I treasure this “new” frame that Jesus and all the Masters have been teaching for millenia. Another piece of this message is captured by Riane Eisler in her wonderful book, “The Power Of Partnership.” She speaks of how we must build an “economics of caring”. She says, “to change today’s imbalanced economic relations, we need new economic models and rules. Fortunately, more and more people are thinking in these terms. There are proposals for new accounting systems that put on the profit or plus side only those business activities that promote environmental health. Strange as it sounds, business activities that create environmental despoliation, along with the costs of repairing the damage, are still in current accounting systems included on the plus side rather than the minus side.” (p. 145) For me, this is just one example of why it is so very important to support organizations like the Sierra Club, and the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council). We must understand that our view of ourselves translates into how we care for or destroy our precious Mother Earth. The light is dawning! All aboard please! Blessings of Love, Light, and Peace to you!!!! Namaste my sisters and brothers of our very precious world!!!!


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