Newsletter February 2007 by Cathy Combs


This is the month we especially celebrate Light and Love! It is an auspicious time! I learned so very much about Light, Love and Power in 2006. I was challenged way out of my comfort zone on every level. The end result has been tremendous. One of my most empowering lessons is a Buddhist teaching that reminds us that pain is part of life. I realized again that walling off pain is not fruitful. Reminding myself I am one with the Divine at all times is very fruitful! That Truth changes the very fabric of my response to every situation. Concurrently I am reminded of R. Buckminister Fuller’s comment, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” I love that idea. The more I understand the spiritual basis of quantum physics the more I am the embodiment of oneness with all life! I choose to align myself with the resonant field of possibility that is already and always here! As we consciously realize we are one with the Divine we can watch in amusement and amazement as all the old fears fall away as they’re not activated anymore! That’s the place I find myself in today. I realize yet again that when I’m angry I’m operating from separateness. I’m afraid! I’m afraid my needs won’t be met. I know I can’t change another person. I know it’s disrespectful and harmful to myself and others to yell, scream and judge. Today I heard simply and clearly, “I simply state how I am feeling. I trust that I can handle whatever happens!” I see opportunity, not crisis! That may seem oversimplified. It isn’t! Responding from that place I am aware that I live in a resonant field of Divine Love and so does the other person. I align myself with that field of intention! I align with that field of Love Incarnate knowing that Love is manifest in the situation. That’s exactly what happened when I used this principle recently. I wanted to listen. I wanted to hear! This Law of Love always works no matter what the need is.

Let’s say the need is prosperity as it was for me a few days ago. I got some unexpected money. I was so relieved because I had none. As unexpectedly as the money came an unexpected need came up for it to be used! I wasn’t pleased. I was angry. I stopped my reactive anger and aligned with peace and abundance. An unexpected solution manifest. I had money left over. It seems that the whole of 2006 was lesson after lesson showing me how this principle works in every area of my life. I am the Divine in expression. You are the Divine in expression. This principle of holism is so important! As we align with that Truth more and more consciously, more and more consistently our lives become easier and easier, brighter and lovelier! That’s not a cliche! It’s the Truth.

As sweet as it is true, it can also be frightening to embody oneness because we’re so used to embodying separateness. We’ve been taught we’re not worthy. The opulent world of Peace is a change! As I’ve said before some of our watch words for separation mentality are: fear, anger, depression, dis-ease, loneliness, despair, cynicism. The silver lining is embodied in these little markers. We can tune in again and align with oneness! It’s a powerful and continuous process. Joy is our marker for oneness! The Truth about Joy is so embodied in the movies, “What The Bleep Do We Know” and “The Secret”, and The Mastermind Prayer Process I’m using. These three spiritual tools are helping me create the kind of life I want to live. I am using the affirmation, “I am in the flow of the resonant field of abundance.” I am embodying more and more the spiritual Truth that I am Love Incarnate, as we all are! It is such an awakening journey. 2007 is a gigantic opportunity; a gigantic challenge! Each moment is my opportunity to see which world I will create. I find it to be so fascinating that the Chinese character for change means both crisis and opportunity! Will I invoke ego, or will I invoke God Consciousness when life changes before my eyes seemingly without my permission? I remind myself that nothing happens in the outer that I didn’t first create in the inner! This awareness helps me disconnect from a personal reactiveness that is not helpful and is not healthy. I look with new eyes for the God Presence in the moment. I look for how I can bring a more peaceful consciousness to the moment. I look for how I can bring a more thankful personification to the moment. In each now moment we have the opportunity to fully experience our Radiance, our Love, our Light. What we give our intention and attention to manifests. Our choice is separation or Oneness. What do I intend my life to be? It’s the same for you! No matter what 2006 was it is a stepping stone to further empowerment.

Another stepping stone to empowerment is breathing in the pain! We’ve been taught to wall off the pain. In effect we’ve been taught to stop breathing! I finally understand that simply keeps the pain alive forever! Consciously breathing in the pain allows it to be transformed and released. Breathing in the pain reminds us pain is not the entirety of our lives! Pain is an important part of life. It is not the entirety of our lives! Without pain sensors in our body we would die! Emotional pain tells us our Radiance is fading. Pain is a doorway to transformation and compassion if we’ll let it be! Pain says reconnect with Oneness please! I’ve reconnected with my Power base by incorporating this very process into my life recently. A friend helped me realize why I started putting walls up. I realized walls of defensiveness don’t help me! I am centered in the present again! I am aligned with Love. Walls are down. Awareness is flowing. Forgiveness is flowing. I am relaxed and empowered. I am aligned with Oneness again!

Another buzz word for oneness is synchronicity. I love synchronicity. It is such a powerful spiritual Force. It’s our little reminder that says, “Look to the Good. It’s everywhere!!!” It’s like having a spiritual awareness and then we see it embodied everywhere. It’s a powerful reminder of the Omnipresent God, the Omnipresent Good, the Radiant Love and Light of our lives. We live in an inherently ordered world of Love and Wisdom. We’re here to learn and fulfill our divine purpose. We’re here to declare our intention. I can assure you the moment you do that the Universe will rush in to respond to you! I’ve experienced it over and over again in 2006 and already in 2007. How about expressing our intention to live in Peace with ourselves and each other? What a way to celebrate the Light and Love of the world that we are! I add to that my personal commitment to Fulfillment! That’s my buzz word for the year. I recognize and embody my oneness with God Consciousness knowing my dreams are fulfilled as I pay attention to them and align with the intention of fulfillment. Our resonant field is Love and Grace. The Genie is saying to us, “Your wish is my command!” Make a wish dear sisters and brothers of our precious world. Express your Radiance. Express your Radiant Love! Watch Love rush in to bless your world! Thank you Radiant Fulfillment! Yes! Yes! Yes


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