Newsletter February 2008 by Cathy Combs

Light The Light~~~Rejoice!!!

Greetings, fellow travelers! As the Light grows longer, brighter, hotter I join with many spiritual traditions to honor Brigid, one of my favorite Goddesses. Brigid, known by many names, represents many talents and aspects of our humanity that I dearly love. Brigid is the Muse of Inspiration, Poetry, Music, and Communication. Brigid represents our Inner Light, the Joy of our being. Brigid reminds us: Breathe! Be embodied! Deeply take in the gift of Life! Connect with the Spirit of Joy that defines our very nature! Consciously breathing connects us with the Life of Life. Consciously breathing is the gateway to the All Good. The vibrational levels of Joy, Appreciation, and Thanksgiving are so high they are all natural attractors of more Good. As we express any of these states of being we are wide open to the All Good in Life. One of the ways to stay at this natural level of Joy is to share our gift with the world. Wayne Muller speaks to this in his book, “How Then Shall We Live?” I can clearly see Brigid asking us this very question. What inspires us in Life? What lights us up? What brings us Joy? Asking ourselves these questions is our recognition that we have a gift to give to our family of the Earth. As we live this Truth out into our lives we put ourselves directly in the flow of the Law of Giving and Receiving. “As we give so shall we receive.” By giving generously we receive generously. By giving reluctantly we receive reluctantly. When we are inspired and Joy-filled we breathe deeply. We are relaxed. We are connected with the natural flow of our lives. Breathing is our connection to Life. When breathing stops we die. “In-spiration” means breathe in. Be conscious! Remember the Spirit of Life within us that is us! I remember one of my favorite T-shirt logos at Diana’s Grove: “Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.” This is a playful, important reminder of the cycle of Life that flows through us, as us. The more embodied we are the more confident we are! That’s what I am understanding now. Consciously breathing connects me powerfully with a greatly expanded ability to give thanks in all circumstances. Gratitude in all circumstances is the very Life blood of a truly connected spiritual Life. Gratitude in all circumstances reminds me that I am more than enough to meet any experience with Equanimity and Joy. Gratitude allows me to stay open and not reflexively close down when I’m challenged. Gratitude reminds me to keep breathing through every moment! Breathing in to pain lessens and heals it. Consciously breathing reminds me I am connected with my God Essence each moment, no matter what is happening! As Rev. Mary reminds us in the Life Mastery class I’m taking with at least 100 other people, “Gratitude invokes the Law of Increase.” Gratitude is our expression of awareness that we are one with the One! When we give thanks for what we have it multiplies! It’s spiritual Law! It’s our expression that we are in the flow of the everpresent Good.

When are you most in the flow? Have you ever asked yourself this Life-giving question? I’m most in the flow when I’m writing, speaking, teaching, doing things I love, spending time with people I love, doing something for the greater good of all. All of these activities and many more express the song of our soul. Brigid embodies the song of our soul. The song of our soul is Life Itself. I love the vibrancy of the Song of Life. One aspect of the Song of Life that I am comically and cosmically learning is that It is eternal. When I’m tempted to close down thinking no one else is thinking or saying these things the Universe instantly reminds me, “Cathy, there is nothing new under the Sun. Everything is already here in Spirit.” This realization has powerful relevance for me right now. Recently I experienced a brand new revelation. I knew I had to share it and yet part of me was feeling, “My goodness, no one else is saying these things.” That very day I saw my “new” idea expressed somewhere else! I burst out laughing, partly in relief. Once again I was being shown there’s no need for fear. Speak my Truth. Sing my Song of Life. It is needed. It is a blessing. My realization is that whatever we are focusing on we have made our God. That’s one reason why God is everything, as the pantheists believe, and as I now understand! We are creating God’s expression each moment. Perhaps the question of questions is what are the consequences of using Spirit’s energy the way we do? We see the answers unfolding before us each moment. Living consciously as Joy, Thanksgiving,Inspiration, Abundance all express connection with Spirit. Living Life from the inside out we are mightily empowered! We recognize we are Spirit made manifest. We are Light and Love. Living from Essence, as Essence, we are who we truly are! As you consider your gifts to give to the family of the Earth how do you see yourself? Do you understand that your gift is so very needed? You are here because you’re needed! Our job is to get ourselves in alignment with understanding and living out this Truth. When we live in service to the greater Good we are living from the highest spiritual Law there is, the Law of Love. By the Law of Attraction all Good is attracted to us as we live from the Law of Love. Every need is filled effortlessly because we are living in the flow. We are focused on serving, on giving, not getting! This is another precious example of how turned around our understanding needs to be. When we are focused on giving we know we are sourced by the All Good within us. We have all we need because we are connected with All we need! Even when we have no money we are rich in Understanding. In our Life Mastery lesson Rev. Mary told us the story of one of Dr. King’s mentors, Howard Thurman, who Rev. Mary calls the first African American mystic. Rev. Mary told us of Howard Thurman’s statement of how much he learned about Generosity from Gandhi who lived such a life of simplicity. Gandhi so completely lived from Love and Trust he knew all his needs would be met. In the words of the Abraham teachings, by the Law of Attraction being rich in Understanding we draw everything we need to us because we recognize we already have it in Spirit. We are relaxed and open and in the flow! We are magnetic fields. We know we are worthy of the All Good that so wants to bless us in our lives. One of my favorite affirmations that expresses this Truth is, “All things are working together for my good and I am working with them in the Love and Wisdom and Power of Spirit.” This affirmation reminds me that the God of my being is my Source. The God of my being is Divine Love in expression. I love the expansiveness of this state of connection because it expresses such a confidence, such an ease, such a trust in the Goodness of the Universe. I see the Universe as Energy, Light, and Love. As such Its very nature is givingness! It is impartially All Good! That is our natural state of being as well. Our job is to stay connected with our very nature so we can express the Light and Love of our being! So, this Holy Season may we honor the Light and Love of our beings and give our precious, very needed gift to the world that loves and needs us so very much!!! I wish you much Love, Light, Peace, and Joy in this precious world we share!!! Namaste to you my precious friends, known and unknown! Blessings to you!!!!! Light the Light!!! Rejoice!!!!

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