Newsletter March 2005 by Cathy Combs

The Greening Of Love On Our Planet!!!

Here we are in March as honored guests and witnesses of Mother Nature’s awakening from Her long winter slumber; a slumber like a meditation in which She was actively preparing Her awakening and greening. I feel like I have awakened right along with Her with some amazingly powerful awarenesses about anger. Each time I come around to these awarenesses I feel open to a brand new level of experience and wonder. Perhaps you’ve heard it said that anger is energy! I awakened today with a renewed awareness about anger as Life Force. I realize again that I cannot be open to Life Force if I am afraid of anger. I realize that if I only view Life Force as some kind of raging tyrant who doesn’t care about me and who can’t be trusted I can never be comfortable or at ease with my human self. I can never be comfortable around others. What a terribly lonely existence! I now understand at a very different level that judgment is meant to be used as discernment, not punishment!!! Do you feel the difference in those two frames of reference? I sure do! What I hear is that my mind is a precious gift. My mind is to be used for discernment, not judgment!!! Discernment leaves room for love and peace; judgment only leaves room for fear and anger. Discernment allows me the space to be wholly present with myself and others. There is no need for separation or fear because the spirit of discernment helps me stay grounded in, and focused on, the Heart of Love we all truly are at our core of being. In order to maintain that spirit of discernment daily I must have and maintain a whole new relationship with anger! I must reincorporate, re-embody, anger as a valued, healthy emotion in my life. I must recognize that anger is a very special gift to be used wisely and respectfully. I must recognize that anger is a special human signal that I am feeling hurt, frustrated or scared! In the moment of anger I need to stay present physically and emotionally and I need to communicate respectfully. I must cherish my vulnerability. I must cherish this same vulnerability in others. This work is a precious, life-sustaining, sacred trust. As I continue the work of a holistic honoring of my human experience of having a body and mind, I realize anew what Buddha said, “Respect your body. It is your vehicle to liberation.” I understand that to mean my body allows me to have a physical expression in which to attain my spiritual oneness with Divinity. I realize anew how much Life Force I have available to me now to express and be the essence of love and peace and understanding as these two amazing vehicles, my body and mind, work together harmoniously in this sacred union of purpose to help me be all that I truly am! I truly do feel this greening of a new and precious love in my life today!!!!

In the work that I do it is always important to me to say that feeling loved, empowered, and peaceful is an intentional process available to everyone! It is not a state of being available only to the precious few. It is also important to me to acknowledge that I did not always feel so consistently able to express the love and peace I feel today. In my own family history I grew up being terrified of anger because it was often expressed in a state of rage and frustration that didn’t leave room for a more respectful fulfillment of a need. I know I share that same history with many, many millions of people! That kind of anger meant it wasn’t safe to be visible. It wasn’t safe to express a difference of opinion. I now emphatically and passionately know it doesn’t have to be that way for any one of us! As an educator and mental health professional I so very passionately accept the personal and professional responsibility for healing my own life and helping others to heal their lives. I so passionately understand and honor that anger is the “misunderstood emotion”. In the 1980s, a psychologist, Dr. Carol Tavris, wrote a book by this very name; “Anger: The Misunderstood Emotion”. Right now I so very clearly understand the vitalizing necessity of reclaiming this precious emotion so that we can heal our lives and learn to harness and express the vitalizing energy within us rather than repress, distort, and misuse it!!! Years ago I realized for the first time that anger is simply love in disguise. Anger is saying, “I’m soooooo very lonely and confused. I need some help. Please see me and help me!” I have spent years and years coming to these awarenesses and reclaiming the expression of my passion and my love and appreciation for being alive in this lifetime! I am so very, very happy and honored to be alive. There is so much work to do to heal our planet, internally and externally. I am so very happy and honored to be alive to do this invaluable work.

As we move toward the Spring Equinox we are celebrating and honoring the agricultural expression of Mother Nature’s balance of equal night, equal day. What a perfect time to take the opportunity to celebrate and express the reclaiming of our precious, vitalizing Life Force. What a perfect opportunity to pledge that we will individually and collectively harness and express our Life Force in healthy, loving ways. As we do the personal work we need to do we realize, perhaps for the first time, that our self-worth and dignity are still intact. From this place we will all heal the whole world, individually and collectively, because this is the place of Love that resides within each and every one of us at all times. As we awaken to our heritage as emissaries of Love, as creations of Love, we will have awakened to our wholeness, our power, our passion, our interconnectedness with all of life. From this empowered, honored place there is room for compassion, wisdom, joy, extraordinary vision, and great, great Love. All the best to you as we rejoice together in an amazingly awakened, empowered presence of Love!!!! Namaste!!!!!!

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