Newsletter March 2007 by Cathy Combs

New Life~~~A Higher Love

Spring is springing! I’m doing groundbreaking right along with Mother Nature. I love the synchronicity. We are Mother Nature’s beings at heart. I feel like I’m in tune at the soul level with the Jesus Consciousness. To be a Jesus Presence is a level of Love that expresses a total attunement with Self-confidence! Knowing who we are means that no matter what we are calm and poised. That is a profound level of Love and Self awareness! That level of Self awareness says there’s no need for walls because there is no fear. There is nothing to fear! Do you hear the double entendre there? Fear is an illusion! There is nothing outside of ourselves to fear! There is no separation; only oneness. That’s what unconditional love is! These awarenesses are thrilling and daunting! I experience these glimpses of the Eternal One more and more often. That’s my commitment to this lifetime. I want to be more and more present each moment to the All that I AM! I know with all my heart that is what I’m here to be! We are creations of the Infinite. We are meant to recognize our identity! That’s what desire is! The upward call of our identity! Do you resonate with that at all? If you do perhaps you have some of these same musings.

The all-encompassing musing central to my life is that my experience of God is constrained only by my definition of God. The only God I can know is the God Consciousness that comes through me! It is clear to me that God Consciousness is in everything and everyone all the time. For God to be God, God cannot be anything but everywhere present all the time! God as Principle means Principle works all the time every time! Just like the principle of Light, Love, Energy, Principle works all the time, every time! The huge Truth we are coming to understand in our 21st century is there is only Love! The only question is will we accept the Truth that we are large enough to encompass and embody this Principle? It’s already in us! Will we accept It? This idea is expressed in the movie, “The Ascending Human” as spoken by futurist, Barbara Marx Hubbard. The workbook, “Gateway To Conscious Evolution” details an 8 month program toward conscious evolution of our own lives. As Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” We can’t be a butterfly with a caterpillar consciousness! Here’s how this idea expresses in physical reality. The imaginal cells that are creating the butterfly are foreign to the caterpillar. The caterpillar tries to kill them but there are so many imaginal cells being created that the caterpillar gives up and gives way to the butterfly! I didn’t know that until I heard that expressed in the movie. It was breathtaking to hear that story of physical unfoldment. I understand the spiritual parallel as well. Our ego tries to fight off the new awarenesses, the changes. As a cartoon I saw years ago depicts this process: the caterpillar says to the butterfly it sees, “You’ll never get me up in a contraption like that!” Our inward, onward impulse to grow knows better than that grounded caterpillar. Truly our inward, onward impulse toward growth pushes us upward and onward! If you’re interested you can go to to enroll. Some other names on this path that you’ll recognize are: Deepak Chopra, Brian Swimme, Jean Houston, Ervin Laszlo, Rupert Sheldrake, Eckhart Tolle, Buckminster Fuller, Elisabet Sahtouris, just to name a few. Another organization I truly love is The Association for Global New Thought. Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, who has just recently been on Oprah twice discussing the principles in “The Secret”, is the current president. AGNT, as the name implies, speaks to the issues of: moving beyond fear and competition toward love and cooperation, cocreating our lives with Spirit, realizing our divinity, our power, our innate goodness. AGNT promotes global understanding and partnership. Their premise and promise is “planetary healing through self-realization.” Their website is: if you’re interested. They are sponsoring the Gandhi King Peace Train Conference this April 18-21 going from LA to San Jose. I hope to be on that ride!

As I consider all of this heart-expanding spiritual work going on in our Universe I am particularly struck by how our languaging of situations will change! By our words, thoughts, feelings, images and actions we create our reality! Our language influences our thoughts. Our thoughts influence our language. Victim? Martyr? These are huge calling cards now for any moment I feel separate from the divinity within me. These are leftover concepts from the worldview that says in any way that we’re “less than” we truly are! We can release those words and move into words like response-able. I love that word. I heard that word used in the seminar featuring the movie, “The Ascending Human.” I was grinning from ear to ear as I heard it. Response-able says to me I am able to respond to any moment with peace and confidence. Response-able speaks to me of the confidence and Self understanding that moves us into expressing our greatness, into being the blessing we’re meant to be now! Another idea I heard in this seminar was “hospice the old worldview that is dying as we midwife the new worldview that is being born!” This viewpoint speaks volumes to me about not resisting with fear or anger but rather responding with a heart, mind and soul of love and compassion for anything we perceive as different! That’s a cosmic leap of understanding to be sure. It reminds me of the saying, “Ride the horse in the direction it’s going.” For sure, we are evolving in our spiritual understanding. Will we choose to go with the flow? Or will we choose to “push the river?” Another thought that fits in this whole process is how we story and restory our lives. I think the first time I heard the term how we story and restory our lives was in 1997 when I first joined Diana’s Grove Mystery School program. The story we’re working with this year is the ballad of Jennet and Tam Lin. See their website at for a full list of their yearlong events specializing in community building, personal empowerment and leadership development. Their program is yet another link in the holistic healing process. We are not victims! It is not our purpose to suffer! We are hear to restory our lives, to rise into our healing, our greatness! As I’ve said before we are the only ones in our way. Nothing in the outer can keep me from my good! That is one of my favorite Unity affirmations or prayers. The flip side of that is, “All things are working together for my good, and I am working with them in the Love, Wisdom, and Power of Spirit.” I love that prayer. I’ve seen it work time and again in my life. Our collective call and opportunity in this lifetime is to rise up into our healing and our greatness! It’s a great, great ride! It is our destiny. As in the ballad of Jennet and Tam Lin the wild is calling us now to put down our sewing and find the wild rose, find our true calling, our true passion! Spring is calling us out into a new life~a higher Love! It is a wondrous, vibrant time of change! As Gandhi says to us, “Be the change we wish to see in the world!” Come out and explore the Radiance, the Resonance of new Life~ a higher Love! Blessings to you my dear sisters and brothers of our precious planet Earth!!!!


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