Newsletter March 2008 by Cathy Combs

New Life Is Coming Fast!!!

Mother Nature’s brilliant tapestry is greening again in Her Western hemisphere. I love witnessing the resiliency of Her green shoots coming up through the cement! As I said in my article, “Green Living: We’re All Connected”, published in Llewellyn’s 2007 Moon Sign book, in many cultures green symbolizes Life, Hope, Generosity, Abundance. In honor of Mother Nature’s boundless resiliency I want to speak again to what the religion of the Great Goddess means to me. The Goddess tradition is just one expression of the Unitive view that recognizes all Life is one. This Unitive view is bursting forth. Even in the military industrial complex changes are happening; new ways of being are happening! This “new” worldview has been unfolding for millions of years into our consciousness. It is so exciting to witness the changes occurring. I am reading Merlin Stone’s landmark book, “When God Was A Woman”, published in 1976. Heartbreaking as many of the facts are this book and this movement in consciousness are both powerful expressions of the resiliency of Life. It is so powerfully synchronistic to be reading this book as I take the class Spiral Spirituality, focusing on the evolution of the development of human consciousness. It is so powerfully synchronistic to have just heard Dr. Barbara Marx Hubbard, noted futurist, speak at Unity Church of Overland Park. At 78 years old she seems like she’s just hitting her stride. She’s so animated, funny, hopeful and brilliant! She’s co-founder of The Association for Global New Thought, and president of Gateway for Conscious Evolution. You can get her newsletter at, and see more of her work. Dr. Hubbard spoke of the global resurgence of women as we once again move into understanding our power; that men are changing too and aligning themselves with this change; and that the “power-over” dominance structures cannot stand in this evolutionary movement toward higher consciousness. She mentioned the millions of organizations worldwide working to establish cooperative relationships, the power of the new memes, how groups of likeminded people holding these new memes that we don’t even have structures for yet will stabilize these new memes in our global consciousness. She said our future is unlimited! I highly recommend going to her website, reading her books, and getting her CDs. I was blown away listening to her vision of what we can do! She mentioned Einstein’s famous quote, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them!” What particularly struck me is how far we’ve moved beyond the science of quantum physics already and yet this knowledge is hardly even a blip on the map of general common knowledge. When Dr. Hubbard mentioned that the atomic bomb was dropped in 1945 I realized that was the advent of quantum physics and in the world of science 63 years is an eternity! She answered my question by speaking of the Akashic field, the energy field that carries all knowledge. She mentioned Jesus as the prototype of what we are all able to do, the resurrection and ascension experience as physical realities in this world. What is staggering to me is I can feel the speed with which we are progressing. I’m constantly reading and taking classes and I’m barely touching the surface of what there is to know. As I listened to Dr. Hubbard I realized that the moment I had my “new” idea of “God is everything” I put myself in the realm of the Akashic field. I then had access to all the other people who were saying this same idea. It’s hysterically funny how many people I’ve heard say this new idea now that I’ve had the idea. Do you hear what I’m saying? This Akashic field is within us! What we call God is in us, as us. Harv Morrow, our Spiral Spirituality instructor, said, “1% of the world now holds the “one world” realization and it only takes 3% of the world holding this idea to move the entire world into that knowing of “one world!” That’s powerful!!!!! Another example of my Akashic field experience is my realization that evolution is a spiritual process in physical form and then I hear Dr. Hubbard say the very same thing!

An example of the meme world peace exists in Costa Rica right now. I recently heard Unity minister, Rev. Rita Marie Johnson, founding director of The Academy for Peace (formerly called The Peace Army) speak to us about her blending of the concepts of HeartMath and Nonviolent Communication. Her work is being taught in every school and to every adult in Costa Rica. See for more info. Both the HeartMath and NVC institutes have endorsed her use of their techniques. Her goal is to teach all people to feel peace and to speak peace in every situation. Costa Rica is the only country on Earth with no army! Costa Ricans abolished their army in 1948. Costa Rica has built a culture of peace. NVC is being taught in Africa. Olympic athletes are using HeartMath! Change is happening! In the words of the Abraham teachings, “We can choose the life we want to create. What we resist only gets stronger! What we focus on comes into being!” Rev. Mary reminded us recently, “Receiving is actually one of the higher levels of spiritual experience. Receiving requires a willingness to surrender to the realization everything is a gift.” Embodying all these new ways of being I understand like never before what Confidence is! We all live in an overflowingly abundant, loving Universe. We are not fish out of water! We are everlastingly one with the One. We are the individualized One! I understand like never before what it feels like to live an open armed expression toward Life. I am calm, confident and capable. I can handle anything that comes into my life. We all have this same heritage of Courage and Confidence inherent within us! There is no need for a pinched down, highly emotionally defended fear-based life. As the Abraham teachings say, “I can have anything I am willing to become in my feeling nature.” By holding this meme I stabilize it more and more into my daily experience. By doing so, this meme is activated in others! I actualize living from Abundance knowing I am Abundance in expression! We all are! Moving forward together we activate this new meme. Another Abraham quote is, “You cannot receive anything you are not a vibrational match to, so bless those who are experiencing Abundance and you will draw It to you. In your cursing of their Abundance you hold yourself apart from Abundance.” In this new greening of Mother Nature’s beautiful world I ask you to go to the edges of your conscious awareness and ask what are the new memes you would like to stabilize in your life? There’s so much Love, Joy, Peace, Confidence, Abundance of every kind to stabilize in our lives. The archetypes, memes, original patterns for all this creation are already and always in Consciousness. By our focus we bring it all into physical expression! One meme I love is, “Appreciation is the great multiplier.” I love the memes Love, Peace, Confidence, Generosity. There’s so much Good in the world! In honor of this green living season I invite you to join me in celebrating 2008 unfolding your very own green living Abundant Universe! Joyfully, confidently give your gifts to this precious world. As I’ve said before you are so very loved! You are so very needed! Bless you!!!!!! Thank you, Universe!!! Namaste!!!

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