Newsletter March 2006 by Cathy Combs

Generosity of Spirit---Divine Love In Action

As we spring into April amidst Mother Nature's astonishing beauty and profusion I am palpably reminded of the awesome generosity of the Divine in expression. To me the Divine is the Spirit of Life, the Spirit of Love in expression. The Divine is within me, us, and all of life! There is no separation except that which I create in my mind! I say this again because I am learning lessons about generosity in expression that are far beyond the bounds of anything I have ever experienced before. I am learning amazing life-changing lessons about trust, and asking for what I want. I trust that Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive pressed down, shaken together, and running over”. The Truth of that statement is being demonstrated in my life now in ways that bring me to tears, in ways that show me incomparably how much I am loved! I've been reading, rereading and studying Rev. Edwene Gaines' book, “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity”. I find it to be hysterically funny that tithing is by far the easiest of the four laws! I started tithing in January at a time when I could barely pay my bills. Logical mind said, “Are you out of your mind?” God Mind said, “Do that which brings you joy and I will take care of the rest.” I am learning how small I've kept my world out of fear. I'm learning I am profoundly loved. There is no need for fear any more! I am learning the power of forgiveness, the power of setting specific goals, and the power of being in tune with the divine purpose for my life. Much of this is not new to me in theory, but my level of understanding and experience is indeed new to me. I am being profoundly awakened to love and joy and generosity! People are expressing their love for me in profoundly amazing ways! I just got invited to go to Hawaii by a friend of mine, all expenses paid. She did not know that was one of my goals for this year. God did and God provided the way because I asked. I made it known I am here. This is what I want. I gave thanks and made way for the invisible to be made manifest in my world. I figured I'd be going and I'd be paying my own expenses. God's idea of expression of my goal is beyond what I envisioned! God said, “Yes, my Beloved, you are going and I'm arranging the tab be paid for you! The Universe lovingly, joyfully, generously obliged my desire as It always does!

I went to a prosperity workshop recently, led by Rev. Alice Anderson, in which the idea was stated, “If God is Good then God is Good all the time.” I love this statement because it transcends the idea that God is some kind of pie in the sky judgmental character who capriciously grants some wishes and denies others. This statement expresses the understanding that God is Principle. God is Divine Law, beyond gender and beyond capriciousness! Principle works the same way for everyone and everything every time! This understanding makes it abundantly clear to me that I am responsible for what I do about the circumstances of my life. I cannot control every event that happens but I can trust that every moment is meant for my soul unfoldment. When challenging things happen to us that may seem to be a daunting understanding to embrace but I find it empowering and hope-filled. There is a blessing in every experience if we will allow for the goodness of life to be expressed through us as generosity of spirit. I believe this with all my heart. I believe the world is inherently good. I am inherently good. We are all inherently good. This level of understanding is a freeing, empowering blessing to me and to all of us if we'll let it be. It goes beyond the idea that we deserve to be punished. I categorically reject that kind of statement because it speaks to me of being separate from the Divine, and as not worthy. I know those views as childish, fear-based views of our relationship with God. I choose to embrace views that express my relationship with the Divine as Beloved. We are creations of the Divine; therefore, we are the Beloved of the Divine. We are created in Love, and we are embraced in Love for all eternity. Life is eternal. Love is eternal. That is the relationship with Life and Love and the Divine that I embrace. I know categorically now the Truth of the statement that when I ask for something believing, the Universe rushes in to fulfill my request! I have experienced this time and again recently. I'm thrilled, awed, and amazed by the Goodness, the expansive Joy I am experiencing, receiving and sharing. When fear enters into the picture I realign my awareness with my oneness with God in expression. When I make mistakes I apologize. I forgive myself. I ask forgiveness. I recognize my impact on myself and others and I go forward in peace and love knowing that I am always growing and I will do better, and know better next time. I trust that I am still loved and I go forward. I keep the flow of blessings going and coming by my faith!

What I love about these lessons is the ongoing understanding I have about my physical and spiritual nature being one nature in different expression. The unseen and seen worlds are vibrantly, inextricably linked. The Gnostic traditions that I love so very much know this with every fiber of their being. Divinity is within. Wisdom is within. Love is within. We are the Spirit of God in expression. Spirit's only way of expression in a physical Universe is through us. One piece of this awareness that Rev. Edwene Gaines speaks to in her book is that once we start working earnestly and consistently with these principles we're going to have to do some serious prayer work to expand our vision of how loving the Universe wishes to be toward us. I know that for sure! I'm overwhelmed almost to the point of being physically sick I'm so overwhelmed, amazed and overjoyed by the Loving Presence of the Universe. In order to open fully and receive the abundant flow of blessings I must be willing to release any leftover feelings of unworthiness. I am willing to do that today and every day as needed. Today is a new day. Each moment is new. My awareness is expanding to include this new vision of loving expression. I let all thoughts of unworthiness fade away in the waters of Love and forgiveness. I rejoice in the infinity of possibility I AM! I am God in expression. You are God in expression. Living from that understanding we cannot help but be committed to Love, Compassion, Understanding, and Joy. We cannot help but be committed to treasuring our planet Earth. We cannot help but treasure our bodies as the Beloved. We cannot help but choose to be actively involved in bringing more Love, Joy, Peace and Grace into expression in our worlds. Each act we take empowers us and others. Let us rejoice in our precious, precious aliveness! Be the change we want to see in the world! Bring your joy and aliveness into expression. Be the precious Love, Joy, and Peace you are! Namaste to you, precious sweet Spirit of Love!


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