Newsletter April 2008 by Cathy Combs

Fired By An Embodied Faith!!!

I’ve been listening to a tape from a class I’m taking, “The Keys To The Kingdom”, by Unity minister, Rev. David Owen Ritz. His lesson provided yet another example of the synchronicity I’ve been speaking of and experiencing lately. In his talk he said my recent words, “God is everything.” I laughed because I’d never even heard of this man until this class and here we are yet again on the same wavelength. That playfully reminds me of Einstein’s argument with David Boehm who said, “Energy is waves”, and Einstein said, “No, it’s particles.” Then someone else chimed in, “You see what you’re looking for!” This discussion reminded me of James Arthur Ray’s comment that we must get over the idea that our income is finite. We may not have $1,000,000 in money but we certainly have million dollar ideas. Appreciate all the different forms our good manifests in and we will bring all forms of Good into manifestation in our lives. Again and again all these ideas bring me back to the question, “How much Faith do I have in myself?” Is my focus on the finite or the Infinite? My life will show me my answer! God Essence is embodied as me. What I focus on comes into being. The same is true for you. I know I’ve said this before. I’m repeating it because the reality of it keeps getting bigger to me! All the spiritual teachers of all time say, “We are image makers. Hold the image we want and the Universe must bring that image into being.” I know this is true. My life shows me exactly when I’m on target and when I’m not. Again and again the Truth underlying our manifestations is how worthy do we see ourselves to be? Our experience of Love, Joy, Faith, Understanding and all Good will tell us clearly what principle of Life we have made our God! If we feel unworthy every aspect of our life will shine forth this reality. As we feel consistently worthy worthiness shines forth! I love the saying, “If it is to be it’s up to me!” I am response-able! So are you! I think of Jesus' comment, “You are the Light of the world.” His life demonstrated we are to shine our Light as He did! It’s unnatural to hide our Light under a bushel. It’s confining. It goes against our radiant spiritual nature! Our discontent repeatedly tells us that Truth! We were created as a gift to the world. We must recognize our gift! We must express our giftedness. One way I’m recognizing my gift is to know I want to make my living through my writing. I’m putting the message out there to the Universe. I’m contacting people I’m guided to contact. I’m holding the vision that I am being guided to a wonderful editor and publisher. I’m holding the image of everything I want in my life. I comically and cosmically know that every “No” is a gift. I don’t take it personally. I know it means we’re not a personality or spirituality match. I’m grateful to know that ahead of time! I know the “Yes” is present because Life is a Self-affirming process now and always! I welcome the “Yes” into my life! I hope you will welcome your “Yes” as well! I hope you know you’re the only one who can welcome the “Yes” into your life. In order for the “Yes” to be made manifest we have to release all the “Nos” that we have accepted as our unchanging reality. Do you hear that?

In any message I might give or receive I believe it is imperative to remember what all the spiritual masters of all religions have said, “The Kingdom (our spiritual awareness) is within us!” It cannot be anywhere else! Whatever relationship we have with our world comes through us as our feelings and our thoughts! It truly doesn’t matter what happens! It truly does matter how we address what happens! Do we respond from God Presence or God Absence? I’ve said time and again the difference is huge. That Truth is a constant! I understand more and more deeply that I am God Essence in expression. My soul came into this Life experience for a reason. That reason unfolds each moment. As I grow in my ability to love what is I grow in my evidencing that I am one with the One, as the One in expression. This means that I am growing in Confidence. “Con-fide”, with Faith in my true Self, I am Peace in every circumstance!!! That is how I want to live my life. For years and years I have understood that we are all capable of physicalizing Jesus’ experience of the resurrection and ascension. If it were only for one person to do it would have no relevance in life. That’s how I see it. It means everything to me to live into the vibrancy of Jesus’ Life and His Love-based message. I saw recently someone’s description of Jesus’ teachings as: personal empowerment, unconditional love, spiritual development, and upliftment. I laughed saying, “No wonder I love Jesus’ message so much. It’s exactly my message!” All the spiritual masters of every religion have this same message! We are to individualize and physicalize Love in expression! That’s why we’re here! That’s why I’m doing the work I’m doing. That’s why I’m taking the classes I’m taking. I’m doing everything in my power to be the Radiance I AM! It’s quite a wake up call at times. The lesson I’m understanding right now is the exponential importance and power of invoking Gratitude! It’s not possible to say thank you too much!!!!! I can’t help but wonder if thank you isn’t the most powerful word there is because it invokes such Joy! Sometimes I’m sitting at my desk and just repeating thank you over and over again. Sometimes I’m visualizing what I’m saying thank you for and sometimes I’m just saying thank you. That word brings such an automatic smile in most circumstances. When it doesn’t bring an automatic smile of Joy I know I’m really off center and that’s a wake up call! I’m listening to a CD titled, “Compassion Fatigue: Fitness for the Frontline.” The CD quotes one of my favorite people, Dr. Viktor Frankl saying “that which is to give Light must endure burning.” Dr. Frankl says, “The work of caring hurts.” My way of saying that is, “We must take care of ourselves and not overcare in order to be Joy-filled, happy and helpful.” Another one of my favorite people, Richard Bach, in his book, “Illusions” says, “Pain in life is inevitable. Suffering is always an option.” I love both of these people and their statements because they remind me the view is always beyond the physical manifestation of what is happening. My feelings and thoughts are the key. Will I play victim or will I live from Empowerment? I am continually doing the work of embodying the awareness that I am big enough to handle whatever happens. I am willing to trust that the Universe is abidingly loving and that a higher order than I may presently understand is always at work. This faith-filled attitude and Consciousness is what fires me with great Faith, Joy and Strength for the journey. This faith-filled attitude is what helps me know forgiveness is not optional! It is essential! Forgiveness helps me understand there’s pain on both ends of this equation and from a larger perspective there is no pain, only shared experience! Forgiveness helps me understand I’m willing to live from Empowerment. I’m willing to trust the larger view of our shared humanity. I’m willing to trust that I am being called out into a far larger Love and Compassion for myself and for all humanity. I’m willing to take that journey. I’m willing to be the highest, holiest vision of myself I know! I know that by living this Faith-filled, Love-filled journey I grow and grow and I show others all is possible! That is the greatest Joy of my Life. Joy and Peace to you!!!!!

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