Newsletter April 2007 by Cathy Combs

The Onward Impulse To Grow

It’s April! Mother Nature is dressing in Her radiant beauty all over our hemisphere. We are waking up and expressing right along with Her. It’s so beautiful and precious to see all the new life. I love this time of year for so many reasons. I love living in that quiet space of body, mind, Spirit and soul united as a harmonious whole. It’s such a precious and treasured state of being! My question always is how do I maintain it? I’m learning so very much about how expansively the Universe loves us all. The beauty within us and all around us is just one example.

Another treasured lesson always is the power of one! Here’s one recent example. Rev. Will Bowen, minister of Christ Church Unity in NKC, had an idea recently which he set in motion by sharing his idea of “A Complaint Free World”. He had purple bracelets made with a website, A Complaint Free printed on each bracelet. The idea is it takes 21 days to change our way of being in the world, 21 days to change a longstanding habit pattern. The idea is no complaining, criticizing, whining, or sarcasm for 21 days. If we catch ourselves doing any of these things we switch the bracelet to our other wrist and start our 21 day process again. At last count over 1.3 million bracelets have been requested in 80 countries. This idea has gotten so big that Oprah sent a team to their church and aired the show on March 27. I’ve heard people say how dramatically this process has changed their lives. I have one of these bracelets. I’m understanding for myself how dramatically more empowered I am as I replace even one negative thought with a positive thought or a prayer. I can feel the peace as I change one thought at a time. It’s a conscious decision to be more empowered, more prayerful, more positive! It’s truly a magnetic process of changing not only myself but the whole world around me. The ripples of peace and prayer are truly felt worldwide! We’re sending out energy and it has no bounds! It’s limitless. I am reminded of Eckhart Tolle’s book, “The Power Of Now”, and his discussion of the “pain body”. I’m wondering how do I create a “peace body”? I certainly know I’d rather have a peace body than a pain body. I am creating a peace body. I am dropping my habit of complaining and criticizing. I am crafting a new way of being in the world. This past year I’ve been using the affirmation “I am the change I want to see in my world.” This is another step in that direction. It’s a very big one! It most certainly calls for conscious intention and attention.

Another fascinating personal piece of this puzzle and process is I had outpatient surgery to remove an infected cyst in my back. I can’t help but laugh when I ask myself, “What has gotten under my skin and become so imbedded and raised up that it is now time to release?” I feel the answer is very clear! I am answering my own question by knowing I am in the process of becoming a clear mirror. I am crafting the way of being a clear vessel, releasing in the moment, rather than holding onto vexations of any kind and letting them all be like water off a duck’s back. I do not need nor want to embody them, or crystallize them. I am to simply bless the situation, learn the lesson, release it and move on clearly and peacefully. I continue to learn the presence, confidence, attention and empowerment that makes that possible.

Another piece of this process is how this all relates to prosperity and living the abundant life. I do a lot of prayer work with trusting that my needs will always be met. I was feeling anxious lately wondering how an unexpected expense would be paid. On my way home from work one day I switched gears from a fear place to a trust place. I asked myself if any bill had not been paid on time this past year? Had any need not been met on time? My answer was no! I immediately said thank you, knowing the money would be there. When I got home I checked the mailbox and there was my income tax return. Yet again I had what I needed to pay an unexpected bill on time. That principle works for everyone, not just for me! As we craft a life based on love and trust, rather than fear and lack, our needs are always fulfilled! My faith is indeed sufficient unto the day, and so is yours!

These lessons and principles are very important to me. I’ve built my life on these principles and they work every time! Another spiritual principle that is part of this process is balance. The I Ching reminds us that the hexagram for crisis and opportunity are the same! Will I see the blessing or only the problem? What is my attitude toward any circumstance? I’ve learned again up close and personal that I cannot continue to push through the day! Even more importantly I must recognize that when I’m pushing through anything I’m missing Spirit’s message. Life is effortless when we’re in tune with the inner movement of Spirit. That’s our Wisdom speaking. It is always present and active within us. We must be quiet to hear It! I’m surprised how deaf I can be sometimes. A friend said to me recently, “You look better than you have in months.” She said that to me on the day I had my stitches out. I guess I didn’t fully realize how hard my body was working and what a toll infections can have on energy. Sometimes it takes someone else’s words to provide the needed perspective. That’s a wonderful benefit of realizing we’re all here together! We’re here to help each other. I’m saying this in the context of continuing to learn to listen and trust. Sometimes I still put too much emphasis on doing rather than being! I forget to listen to that still small voice that says, “I got you covered, kiddo! Trust in my everlasting Love for you. Trust in my Presence in each moment! You are never alone! You don’t have to do it all alone. You don’t have anything to prove!” I love these reminders. These affirmations are keys to our awakening process. In order to be fully energized and effective we have to be fully conscious and present in each moment. I know that makes sense. The surprise often comes for me when I think I’m awake and then realize I’m not awake enough to fully help myself! The other surprise is the help is always there. It comes in many forms if I’m awake to the constant flow of blessings always available. As always that same principle works for everyone. So, in this precious time where the onward impulse to grow is flowing through us so vitally may we celebrate and give thanks for the Life Force within us. May we let go of what we don’t need! May we give thanks for ourselves and each other as we embody the change we want to see in our world. Blessed be to you, my fellow travelers on planet Earth. We all are the radiant, resonant blessings the world needs! Alleluia!!!!!! Alleluia!!!!!! Alleluia!!!!!!

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