Newsletter May 2005 by Cathy Combs

The River Of Love Is Flowing---Open Our Hearts!!!

As we enter this beautiful month of May in the Midwest the flowers are in full bloom, the weather is mild, Spring is in full flower. This beautiful expression of Mother Nature’s amazing bounty reminds me of our same gifts that we, as humans, express as joy, generosity of spirit, strength, perseverance, intelligence, compassion. These gifts are so eloquently addressed in a book I truly love titled, “The Intelligent Heart”, by Bruce MacArthur and David MacArthur, a father and son team studying the healing capacity of the heart as we bring more love into our lives. The book speaks of the heart as having an intelligence of its own. I was thrilled by this book’s challenge to live our lives at a very different level. I’ve been learning some amazingly powerful, dynamic lessons in the last few months about how to be love in action! As humans we’ve learned some constricting patterns that hurt us. I’ve certainly learned some of them and I want to bless them all and release them so I can be more of love in action! This book speaks to the opportunity to live our lives from a full out consciousness of love! The authors detailed experiments that dramatically showed the power of hate and the power of love. The experiments showed that expressing five minutes of love boosts the immune system for six hours!! Expressing five minutes of hate depressed the immune system for six hours!! Imagine that pattern over a lifetime!!! I was totally amazed by these results.

I first learned of the power of the body-mind connection in 1974 when I first discovered the New Age spiritual traditions as practiced through Unity. Since then I have done my very best to align my daily spiritual practice with love, joy and peace. I truly know this daily practice makes a difference in who I am as a person. I would like to share my feelings with you about how I believe we can all make a daily difference in our lives and in the lives of all people we meet each day. This change is in reference to a social practice that has been popularized in these last few years. I am very saddened by this practice because I feel it so greatly demeans us as human beings who have such great capacity to love and work together. I do not want to judge this practice. I simply want to bring more love into practice and speak to this issue every time I can from a centeredness of love and peace. In so doing I focus on the solution not the “problem”. I am speaking of the concept of “political correctness”. It seems to me that the concept of “political correctness” as I see it being expressed today is coming from a place of sadness and fear, as a child does when the child is in a changing social situation and doesn’t know how to properly behave in order to avoid punishment; when the child hasn’t yet learned about the essence of love they are inside! What I learned again recently is that love is the answer to every situation!! I hear this situation now as a call to love; as a call to remind ourselves that the only true response to any situation is to answer with love and respect. Then there is no such thing as “political correctness” because the full presence of love and respect is there! Love and respect literally take care of, and bring care into, every situation!!!

I’m so saddened every time I realize and experience how afraid I, and we, have learned to be. I have recommitted myself this year to bringing as much love, peace and joy into every situation as I possibly can. Part of that healing process means learning to speak in the moment from a place of love rather than from a place of knee-jerk fear and pain. Part of that healing process means forgiving myself for not loving myself enough to see my wholeness, my true capacity of who I truly am, and who I am truly becoming. I truly love and appreciate this spiritual healing challenge. I recognize that this change takes place in me and in everyone one moment at a time, one decision at a time. Part of that change involves knowing that everyone deserves the very best in life! No one deserves to live in fear! This change comes about as we make a place in our consciousness for the new change. Make a new daily commitment to lay a new pattern in our souls with words that convey the feeling “Radiant Presence of Love I love you so very much!!!!” In a month’s time we’ll be able to look back on an amazing change as if we’re looking back on a fog of discontent and unrest from a new peaceful, joyful clearing marked by a radiant presence and peace. In that radiant consciousness of love all lives are transformed. That’s the amazing miracle of change. One person changes---all of us change! We bring forth the truly amazing spiritual capacity we have as humans to express a new level of partnership cooperation where every life is valued. Imagine living and loving in that kind of world!!! Imagination leads to action. Action leads to manifestation. I truly feel we don’t need to live lives of quiet or violent desperation. We don’t need to feel isolated and alienated. We can choose to live and love and share in a beautiful, vibrant, respectful, peaceful world with ourselves and each other. We can choose to love and honor relationship, partnership, and sexual expression as sacred and we can treat ourselves and each other with love and respect. I hold this transformative vision and expression with you! Love and respect to you each and every day. Namaste!!!!!!!!! I behold the Presence of Love in you!!!!!!

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